What is a Chatbot? Who should use Chatbot?

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is a tool that can communicate and interact with humans through pre-programmed artificial intelligence. In most cases, the chatbot is used through messaging apps to chat with people.

Chatbot Messenger is a software connected to Facebook Messenger, which assists sales and customer care with a 24/7 automatic feature. Moreover, with chatbots, businesses will minimize the number of employees in charge of taking care of customers which reduces your marketing costs. 

Who should use Chatbot?

The chatbot is applied in wide-ranging industries but most suitable with business groups such as: 

- Fashion business: clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories

- Beauty: Spa, Beauty Salon, Hairdressing, Nail ...

- Cuisine: Restaurants, Eateries, Cafes…

- Education and training: Schools; foreign language academy, skills and vocational training, enrollment…

- Support services: booking, delivery…

- Online sales services.

Chatbot application in business on Electronic Commerce Exchange (E-commerce Exchange): Amazon, Shopee, Lazada…

Step 1: Send the order to the customer along with a hand letter containing a link or QR Code to activate the warranty, receive a receipt, receive gifts, or simply support/talk directly to the shop owner.

Step 2: Send messages (automatically) to take care of customers every day/ week.

Step 3: Send messages to all customers (Download ebook instructions) when organizing OFF SALE campaigns, or launching new products.

Step 4: Increase revenue from former customers by sending a message introducing products, services from friends or partners. 

Chatbot application in the business model of Restaurants, Cafes, Hair Salons…

Step 1: Customers come to the shop >> scan QR code >> Membership registration (phone number, date of birth).

Step 2: Customers are offered Voucher Buy 1 Get 1 free upon membership registration, and can receive a 5% - 10% discount for the next purchase. 

Step 3: customers chat with your shop on the Fanpage and make an order 

Step 4: Customers join the membership program by gaining and subtracting the point from their orders. 

Step 5: Customers ask their friends to participate in the Lucky wheel mini-game to get discounts/promotions.

Step 6: Shop owners run Facebook Ads targeting customers within 7km: Buy 1 get n offer at fixed time of the day.

Create Chatbot Viral Facebook with Fchat

Fchat is the tool that helps you create Chatbot on Facebook Messenger. You can connect with multiple Fanpages and be at one window to interact with customers. At the same time, you can create automated customer care scripts.

See How to Create a Viral Chatbot Here

With Fchat, you can send free messages to all former customers, form automated customer care scripts, sell products automatically on Messenger... The great thing is that Fchat uses diverse languages and is FREE FOR LIFE. 


Wishing you a successful business with Fchat!