Page Attribute - Create and Set the value of page variables

Page Attribute is an object in Fchat that helps you set up one variable for all users on the page. 


You can use this audience to count the number of gifts given > Notify customers when running out of gifts (Combined with Go to Block). 

For example, you're having a gift program for attendees, which is gift A. However, gift A is limited to 2 items, so only 2 eligible people will receive the gift. From the 3rd person onwards, you will inform them that the gift has run out and wait for the next program. 

This script is installed as below:


- Count the total number of times a customer runs through a Block.

- Count the total number of times a customer clicks a button. 

- Count the total number of users that register a program. 

General formula for counting the number of users: {ten_bien} = {ten_bien} + 1

Thus, every time someone runs through a Block with Page Attribute, this variable will be increased one more time. 

To manage Page Attributes, go to Page Settings > Page Attribute.


Here, you can add new, edit, delete variables. 


Wishing you a successful business with Fchat!