Livestream minigame Lucky Dial

Fchat's Dial feature allows you to give each customer 1 lucky number after they have filled in information via Webform or User Input and randomly select lucky numbers to give gifts.

This feature is applied in livestreams, classes, workshops, ...

To use this feature, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Create Block containing Web Form or User Input

First, you need to create a Block including Web Form or User Input to collect users’ information by going to Dashboard > Click on the name of the page to install the minigame lucky Dial > Create New Block

lucky dial

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Under Web Form/ User Input, tick the item Generate lucky code, save it in the variable {lucky_code}. Use the variable {lucky_code} to have the system return a prize code for customers who have registered and filled in the Form.

Note: The {lucky_code} code is only generated when your block contains at least 1 out of the 2 Webform/ User input objects.

Step 2: Create and send Ref Link/QR Code to all participants

Click Lead, select Link in Web Form/User Input

The screen will display Ref Link for you to create and update.

After updating Ref Link, Fchat provides 2 sharing types: Ref Link and QR code. You can copy the Ref Link or take a photo of the QR Code and send it to customers.

Step 3: Perform dialing

After customers have filled in the information and have the prize code, click Dial.

lucky dial

The screen then displays a list of participants and randomly selects a lucky number from the customer's prize codes. The customer whose prize code matches the number shown on the screen becomes the winner.

lucky dial

After dialing, you can also review the dialing list and dialing history.

lucky dial

Here you can see the information of the dials, the lucky code of each customer, and which customer is the winner.

lucky dial

Good luck!