Facebook event- Send event to facebook to measure conversion

With the purpose of optimizing the conversion measurement between advertising effectiveness and business on Facebook's fanpage, Fchat allows users to send business event values ​​to Facebook via chatbot script.

In Block message, select More >> Facebook event to add object

Then you add the Conversion Value and currency information: VND/USD

Facebook event object ussually is placed below Order and User input object

When customers order through chatbot creating value converters such as orders, funds, ... the system will automatically send data to Facebook, from which  Facebook will analyze and measure the efficiency of the business on your fanpage and send report  to your ads account.

Demo chatbot script Facebook event

Note: If the page gives an error: "(#100) Missing page_events permission for the API call", you just need to renew the permission according to the instructions at the link https://fchat.co/faq/fanpage-lose-connect-with-fchat to request a request. page_events permission for fanpage.

Good luck!!!