[Agent] How to generate Fchat License Key?

Fchat License Key is a 16 character activation key. This key is provided by Fchat Holding Company or Fchat Agent authorized to provide and sell keys to customers.

Each license key is a service package at Fchat instead of ordering a service package. You can enter a license key to activate and use Fchat's services.

To generate a license key Please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: On Dashboard, click Avatar icon >> Select Recommend to friends >> Click Avatar >> Agent again.

Step 2: Click Create key, then fill out the service package information. Time to apply the package, number of keys, save and press Create key to finish.

After generating the key The screen will show a list of all the keys you have generated. Click on the quantity display to view details.

The screen will then display details of the key code you just generated, including:

- Key: The key code consists of 16 digits.

- Package: fchat service package after service activation via key

- Month: The number of months that the package is used.

- Entity: Name of the agent that generated the key code.

- Store: Shop name using service package.

- User: The name of the customer whose service package is activated.

- Activation Date: The date the customer started activating the service.

- Status: Unused / Used

After generating the key You can use that key to activate your customer service package. Alternatively, you can give your customers a key so that they can activate the Fchat service package themselves.

Agents can use their Agent Wallet to pay for their orders. customer order Generate license key to sell

Wishing you success in business with Fchat!