Automatically create orders when customers comment correctly

When doing a sale in Livestream or running ads on Facebook... you can attract thousands of views and comments continuously for purchase purposes. Instead of having staff for telesales and processing orders, you can use Fchat's new AUTO-ORDER CREATION feature.

To install this feature, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Create products with a product code

On the Dashboard screen, click Order >> Product.

Here, you can create a product category that consists of products of the same type or having the same characteristic for easy management. 

Click +Category >> Fill in the category name >> Save

Next, click +Products, then update the product information including: 

(1) Product name

(2) Image: product illustration.

(3) Product description: A brief description of the product’s main content.

(4) Product code: A product code is used to distinguish it from the others and make a quick order via Livestream.

(5) Comparative price: The list price of the product.

(6) Selling price: The actual selling price of the product.

(7) Included in the category: select the category containing the product.

(8) Weight (grams): the mass of the product in grams.

(9) Units: Boxes, Units, Jars, Bags, Bottles...


After having fully updated your product information, click Save to finish. You can also change your Activity Status, Edit information, or Delete a product.


Step 2: Set up keywords by product codes

On the Dashboard screen, go to the Keyword section >> +Comment keywords.


The screen will display as shown below:


Select the comment section as "Content containing phone number” (1) and select "Create an order for customers with phone number and product code (or Combo code)" (2)

The system will then display the content of the sample message sent to a customer after successfully placing an order (3) re-confirming customer’s information left in the comment including the following values:

- {phone}: phone number left by the customer in the comment. 

- {product}: product code (or combo code} that the customer orders.

Note: You can customize the sample order confirmation message’s content, but {phone} and {product} variables are required.

You can refer to the sample keywords below:



After having fully set up the content, press Save to complete.

When a customer’s comment contains a phone number and product code, the system will reply to it, create an order automatically, and send an order confirmation message to the customer.

You can manage the system’s automated orders in the Order section and take care of customers in other programs there.

Wishing you a successful business with Fchat!