What is the process to get approval for WhatsApp Business API?

What's WhatsApp API ?

WhatsApp API is designed for medium to large companies that want to use WhatsApp with multiple users. It is more complex than WhatsApp Business App. For instance, WhatsApp API has no app or front-end interface and needs to be integrated into a business software.

WhatsApp Business API: Business Solution Providers
Businesses must submit an application through Business Solution Providers to gain access to the WhatsApp Business API (BSPs). Depending on your BSP (Fchat), your experience with the WhatsApp API may be very different. In summary, in order to obtain a WhatsApp Business API account, you must register with a BSP. BSPs act as the intermediaries, paying WhatsApp to connect to their API so they may offer the service to customers. Businesses are charged for these fees by BSPs, who may mark them up to increase their profits. The notification-based pricing model charges businesses on a per-message basis, according to many BSPs. However, WhatsApp will convert to a conversation-based pricing model, where businesses are paid per conversation, effective February 1, 2022. Now, take a closer look at each component that makes up a WhatsApp API account.

In order to obtain clearance for WhatsApp Business APIs, Fchat will handle and advise firms.
Setup Time: One hour following the conclusion of the full signup and payment processes.
(Usually takes a week, depending on the Meta Official Team's progress with business verification.)

- WhatsApp Phone Number (Should not have registered a WhatsApp account)
If you want to delete the WhatsApp account with your number, please refer to this guide 
- Business Display Name (Should have a clear relationship with Business). See more detail 

- Facebook Business Manager ID
To verify your Facebook Business, please follow these step

What if your Facebook Business is not verified?

In the newest Onboarding Flow for WhatsApp API, you can quickly get access to WhatsApp API even while your Facebook Business is not verified and WhatsApp account review is under process.

When your Facebook Business is not verified, you're subject to a few limitations -

- You can send business-initiated messages to upto 250 contacts per 24 hours
- You can add upto 2 numbers on WhatsApp Business API
If the conversation is initiated by the user, you can send unlimited replies to those conversations without any limitations.