Instructions for creating Chatbot Group Telegram

Instructions for creating Chatbot Group Telegram

Step 1: Create Telegram chatbot and get bot token

  • Start Telegram, in the search box enter: @BotFather, select bot.

  • Press Start

  • The system will display the chat, then click on /newbot - create a new bot.

  • And you enter the name for the Bot you want, press submit.

  • Enter a username for the Bot.
  • Note: The name you want to create must end with "bot", such as isFchatBot or isFchat_bot.

  • If successful you will receive a notification.

  • Copy the token to fill in the form to create a chatbot Step 3.
  • With that, you have completed the step of creating the bot.

Step 2: Create Telegram Chatbot

Login to -> Dashboard -> Connect Telegram

Step 3: Enter Chatbot information

Group name: Enter your Telegram Group name, avoid personal representative names, contain words demo, test.

Token: Get the token in Step 1.

Logo:  Choose a business logo, the logo must be related to the business.

Chat bot telegram when completing the steps.

Good luck with Fchat!