How to Connect Fchat to Infusionsoft

To push customer information from Fchat to Infusionsoft CRM, you need an active Infusionsoft account. Follow these steps below:

Step 1: Create an Infusionsoft Key Developer account

You need to create a Key Developer account on Infusionsoft at

 - Email: To verify your account (Fill in the email used to register an Infusionsoft account).

- Display Name: Required, unaccented, no special characters, no space.

- Password: Set access password for the following logins. 

Select I agree to the terms > Click Create Account. You then check your email and activate your Keys developer account to complete the process. 

After having activated your account, you need to create an App on Keys developer and you will be taken to the page with the information as below:

Step 2: Link the Key Developer app to your Infusionsoft account

Next, you need to link the newly created app to your Infusionsoft account by filling in the [your-client-id] section in the following link:[your-client-id]

In the example above are:***

Open the link after you have the client ID/API Key on the same browser with the Infusionsoft account. 

Instead of running the link as above, you can go to Profile > Manage Accounts.

The screen will come out as shown below:

Click the Access API, a pop-up is displayed requiring the entry of Key and Secret information, and you import this information from the created app.

To check if your Infusionsoft account is connected to the newly created app, click the settings icon as shown in the image below:

Step 3: Add the Infusion Soft object in the Message Block

In the Message block, click More to add the InfusionSoft object in the CRM Connections section after having installed User Input/Webform to collect customer information.

Step 4: Fill in the required system information

After adding the Infusion Soft object, the screen displays as shown below. Here, you need to enter Key and Secret information on Infusionsoft to connect.

Click on the App name to view the detailed information and enter the Key and Secret information to Fchat > Connect

The screen will redirect to the page as shown below, click Allow

After the connection is successful, the screen returns to the Message Block item, informing the Connected status.

Thus, when customers going to Block come from Fchat, the system will transfer their information to Infusionsoft for easier and more efficient management.

The information pushed from Fchat is recorded in the Contacts section of Infusionsoft. 


Wishing you a successful business with Fchat!