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2 User
/ month
/ month
/ month

(*) The above price is inclusive of the VAT fee, the minimum order is three months. Buy more Page from 2.2USD - 2.5USD VND per page

You can change the service pack at any time: The remaining amount of the old plan will be added to the new plan

Give gift 20% order value to reduce unless the service is purchased Auto Inbox

Automatically reply comments and inboxes
Automatically hide comments to avoid robbing guests
Multi-channel livechat
Google Sheets 1
Website Popup 1
User Input 1
Webform - Order form 1
CART - Selling page with cart
Link ref 20
QR Code 20
the Message blocks 20
Keyword 5
Tag, List 5
Sequence 2
Broadcast 5
Product 5
Combo product 2
Create and manage Orders 100 1.000 / month 10.000 / month Unlimited
Get phone number 5 / day 20 / day 100 / day 500 / day
Photo storage capacity 50MB 100MB 300MB 500MB
Menu signature "By Fchat.co" Fixed Custom Custom Custom
Send email -
CRM integration -
Load audiences from your page -
Store -
Shipping -
Receipt -
Trigger order
Putting the bot on the market -
Coupon 1
Coupon list 1
Landing Page 1
Lottery spin 1
Lucky spin - Template Custom Custom
VIP card - 1
Viral script - 1
Accumulate points when purchasing - -
Pay online -
Create and manage Receipts - - -
Affiliate commissions - - -
Attach a custom domain name - - -
Send email by private email - - -
Remove the signature in the Webform - - -
Automatic client synchronization to Ultramailer - - -

Page unit price 

Pages Price Per Month
1 Page $3 / page
3 Pages $2.8 / page
5 Pages $2.5 / page
10 Pages $2.2 / page
15 Pages $1.9 / page
30 Pages $1.6 / page
50 Pages $1.3 / page
100 Pages $1 / page

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Subs unit price

Subs Price Per Month
5K Subs $9.99
10K Subs $14.99
20K Subs $19.99
30K Subs $24.99
50K Subs $32.99
70K Subs $35.99
100K Subs $39.99
Unlimit $55.99

Please login before signing up for the service package


Discount more 10% off if order from 3 months, 20% if order from 6 months, 30% if order from 12 months


How do I upgrade to a paid plan?

Step 1: You select the payment period: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years

Step 2: You select the service pack and click the "SUBSCRIBE" button

You can upgrade your service package or purchase additional subscribers at any time depending on your actual needs. So rest assured that you only pay for what you use.

Can I stop paying fees?

You can pause (reserve) the paid plan and reactivate it at any time. When you pause your paid plan, your shop still works with the Free plan

Three months are preserved once, each time the reservation does not exceed 12 months

Can I try it before I pay?

Yes. You can use free with full features like the paid version

What is the Subscriber (Subs)?

Subscribers are customers who have inboxed into your fanpage and you can send them messages at any time. For Free Plan, you can store up to 10,000 subs. To host more customers, you need to upgrade to a higher plan or buy more subscribers.

What happens when the premium period ends?

The system will prompt you to renew 30 days in advance. In case of expiration but not renewed, you will be transferred to the Free version.

How can I pay?

After selecting the service package and clicking the "REGISTER NOW" button, you can pay Online (such as Visa, Master, Internet Banking), or Transfer

Do I have to pay the additional installation fee?

No, The use is very simple. We offer you free video the training set for you to successfully apply Fchat.

Does Fchat provide consulting business online business solutions?

 Yes. If you use the ENTERPRISE package, you will be working directly with our experts in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City