These terms apply to Fchat Users, Affiliates and Agencies. Please read the entire agreement carefully before participating. Once you register to join, it will be understood that you have read and agree to the entire terms set out in this agreement.

The latest updates will be posted here and will not be informed individually to each partner. Please return to this page for new policy updates. To use Fchat's services, you need to comply with the following terms:

  1. Information about the unit

a) Name and address of the head office of the trader/organization, or the name and permanent address of the individual


Business registration certificate number: 0108156901

Issue date: 06/02/2018. Place of issue: Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment

Address: 6th Floor, No. 247 Cau Giay, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

b) Phone number, email address or other online contacts

Hotline: +84 89 898 6008

Support email:


  1. Service provision methods

Fchat has a sales and a customer care department that are always ready to receive requests and information from people who need to use the company's services. So as soon as we receive your contact, consultation request or online service registration information, we will contact you immediately by phone or email for further information.

When you decide to use Fchat's services, you can choose one of the following forms of service provision:

a) Providing services door-to-door

Upon receiving a customer's service registration request, Fchat's sales staff will contact and schedule a time to discuss services. This type of provision is applied within the city of Hanoi, Vietnam.

service provision time: Fchat staff will initialize the service right after the customer pays for the registered service package.

b) Providing services at the head office of Salemall Joint Stock Company

With this type of service provision, customers can go directly to our company's head office for Fchat's sales staff to consult and discuss services.

Address: 6th floor, 247 Cau Giay, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hotline: +84 89 898 6008

Working time: 8am - 10pm daily  (GMT+7)


Service provision time: Fchat staff will initialize the service right after the customer pays for the registered service package.

c) Providing services online (Facebook Fanpage, Website, Email, phone...)

Upon receiving registration requests from customers through online channels such as Facebook Fanpage, Website, Email or phone… Fchat's sales/customer service staff will provide consultation, answer and provide services according to each request.

Service provision time: After receiving the transfer, Fchat will proceed to upgrade your account within 24 hours (Except for the national holidays of Vietnam and other countries will receive separate announcements). Users can pay for services through Visa or Paypal accounts available on the system by selecting the price list item at the following link:, choosing the appropriate package and making the payment.

  1. Definition

Service: The service providing Facebook Fanpage and Instagram page, Zalo page management software running under the domain name

Website: The website that you will be directed to when accessing 

Content: Images, icons, articles, videos posted on the Website.

Account owner: Initial registrant; or admin account holder; or someone who accesses the store account with an admin account.

Store: The store account set by the Fchat User.

Admin account: The admin account first created when the account holder registers a shop on the Fchat website.

Fchat user: A person who registers, creates an account, uses Fchat's software and is accepted by Fchat, for example: The account holder or the store's employees who are granted access to the account by the account holder; those who access and look through the information on the website 

Fchat: Facebook Fanpage & Instagram page, Zalo page management software of Salemall Joint Stock Company

Third-Party: Customers, partners, suppliers of Fchat User's or Fchat's store.

Store data: Data in electronic form that is stored on the store with access restrictions to accounts set up by the account holder.

Feature: The features available and provided on Fchat.

  1. Scope of service use

To register to use Fchat's services, customers must register for an account and provide the information that Fchat requires. When customers have registered to use Fchat's services, we will provide the right to use software products and services. For the most detailed instructions on how to register to use Fchat's services, please visit the website:

Our company may change regulations according to company policies. We will notify customers when there are changes and post the changed content on the website: The updated version will be in effect at the time of posting. After the regulations change, if a member uses Fchat's services without any questions or suggestions, we consider that the member has accepted all the new regulations.

Fchat promises to not share customer information with any third party except at the request of a competent state agency. In addition, we make sure to carry out customer care activities, resolve complaints and disputes and provide after-sales support.

  1. General Terms of Use

The user's choice to use Fchat's services means that you agree to comply with the terms, policies and service agreement published on the Fchat website. When using specific Fchat services, customers are required to abide by the separate terms and conditions applied to each service at the time it’s being used.

In the event that this term of use is expired or becomes unenforceable for any reasons shall affect only its validation and not the validity of the remaining terms. If there is a discrepancy between these terms of use and other service use agreements of Fchat, whichever is the latest shall prevail.

Fchat users themselves must ensure that the device is connected to a network when accessing the latest business data.

  1. Legal use

Fchat provides application software with support features to manage Fanpage, Instagram Page & Zalopage for users. Therefore, Fchat does not interfere and is not responsible for any content of Fchat Users’ sales activities such as:

  • Fchat Users’ customers.
  • Goods, quality of goods that Fchat Users are trading…

At the same time, Fchat is not responsible for any complaints from Fchat users or Third parties reflecting about the content of your sales activities. Fchat reserves the right to suspend or block the user's right to continue accessing the application when there are proof or suspicion of law violation, reports or complaints from Third parties sent to Fchat.

In order to continue using the service, Fchat has the right to ask the user to provide information to verify and/or implement a commitment to be able to continue using the service. In the event that the incident is found to be of a serious nature, Fchat has the right to resort to the intervention of competent state agencies and specialized functional units to ensure the legal rights and benefits of Fchat, as well as the community.

  1. Cases of suspension of service provision

Fchat reserves the right to suspend service provision without refunding any costs in the following cases:

  • The user uses the website to sabotage one or several other websites.
  • The user uses the software, website for any purpose/form that violates the laws of Vietnam and host countries, especially on copyright issues of softwares, songs, etc.
  • The user uses any software, tool or form to interfere with the services in the Fchat system.
  • The user distributes or propagates to promote distribution, interference and destruction activities towards Fchat’s system. Any violation when detected will cause account deletion and can be handled in accordance with the law.
  • The user impersonates Fchat, impersonates a brand, affecting the reputation of Fchat, causes confusion for customers, Affiliates and Suppliers in any way (using email addresses, website domain names, fanpages with the name Fchat,..)

When having detected the above behaviours from your account, Fchat has the right to revoke all related rights to the account (including account lockout) or transfer the information you provide when registering for an account to the competent authorities for resolution in accordance with the law.

  1. Use of common areas and private areas

a) Use of common areas

Fchat users understand and accept that they have the right to manage, exploit and use common areas on the Fchat website at the sole discretion and consideration of Fchat. Any request by users to use the common areas on the Fchat website for their own purposes may be charged in addition to the service fee as originally announced.

b) Use of a private area

Fchat users have full access to a password-protected private area for their activities. Fchat does not interfere and is not responsible for user actions affecting data and information on private areas. Any claim arising out of the use of the private area that is not covered by the original commitment may be charged.

c) Private area access

Fchat users understand and accept that we have the right to access your private area in one of the following cases:

  • Agreed by Fchat users.
  • Fchat users request for the purpose of using support, troubleshooting.
  • At the request of a state agency, the Court... according to the provisions of law.
  • In an emergency situation, to prevent unauthorized entry or destructive attack from the outside.

Users of Fchat understand and accept that you do not have the right to request access to the private area, service administration area, system and website administration area of ​​Fchat and others.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

a) For Fchat

Fchat website is copyrighted by Salemall Joint Stock Company, so all content at website is owned by Salemall Joint Stock Company. Fchat allows users to view, download and print the following content:

  • The content published by Fchat on the website.
  • The content of the information owned by users.

When using the information on the Fchat website, users need to cite the source from the website in accordance with regulations, only using it for non-profit purposes.

Except for the above permission, you are not allowed to copy, adapt or reuse Fchat’s Website Content without Fchat's prior written permission. You can contact the address: for support when you need to use the company's services.

In the event of being approved by Fchat, the user must ensure that the use of information does not violate the rights and interests of other individuals/organizations and must clearly state the source from

b) For Fchat’s users

We do not claim any intellectual property rights in the materials you provide to Fchat. All materials you post on your websites are yours. You can delete your store at any time by deleting your own account. This also deletes all of the content you are storing at our Services.

By uploading content to your store, you agree to:

  • Allow other internet users to view the content of your website.
  • Allow Fchat to display and store the data you have posted.

You retain ownership of all content on your website when you upload them to Fchat. When you upload data, you agree to let others see it. You take full responsibility for the legality of your uploaded content.

Fchat will not disclose any of your information to third parties, except in the events where it is required, such as in the case of a dispute over the right to use the service. Confidential information includes any materials or information you provide to us that you do not want to be publicly known.

  1. Information security

When creating a Fchat account, for quick support, fill in the following information completely and accurately the information below:

  • Name, Email
  • Phone number
  • Province
  • Country

Cases of missing or incorrect information will not be resolved when there are problems with the account. Fchat does not store your login password. The entire login process is done at You are responsible for preserving the password yourself, if the password is leaked out in any way, Fchat will not be responsible for any losses incurred.

All your personal information and your customers’ information will be kept confidential by us without disclosure to a third party. We do not sell or exchange this information with any other third party (except as otherwise required by law). Fchat could send the promotion campaign (if there is any) to you via email. If you don't want to receive emails, you can click the "Stop receiving emails" link at the bottom of the email.

  1. Regulations on product distribution with Affiliate, Agency

Below are Fchat’s regulations on product distribution with Affiliate, Agency:

  • Do not use the name "Fchat", the name of the Provider in the following sections: Email sender name, Fanpage name, Youtube channel name
  • Do not use the name of Fchat, SaleMall, iNET to work with customers.
  • Do not run ads (Adwords, Coccoc, ..) with keywords containing the brand names: Fchat, SaleMall, iNET.
  • Do not attract customers from websites, fanpages, Youtube channels managed by Fchat: Acts such as inboxing customers, replying to comments with affiliate links are strictly prohibited.
  1. Responsibilities of the provider

Fchat will not be liable and compensate for any loss or damage incurred when a Customer does not comply with the terms we have mentioned above.

Fchat may change, supplement or amend this agreement at any time and will publish it clearly on the website: 

  1. Commissions, income taxes, and payments

a. Invite friends

  • All Fchat users (A) are entitled to invite friends (B) and receive 0.5 USD for each successful referral to Fchat.
  • If A is an Affiliate or an Agent: whenever B buys or renews services at Fchat, A will receive a commission.

b. Commission

  • The commission is applied to each order type: New Order, Service Renewal Order.
  • The commission is recorded when the order is successful: Fchat receives payment.
  • Specific commission levels are published at: and 

c. Income Tax

  • Fchat will deduct 10% personal income tax for partners with revenue over 2,000,000VND (87 USD) in accordance with current Vietnamese law. Any taxes for reporting to your home country's tax authorities are of your own concern. Fchat will not be responsible for any taxable income from Fchat or Salemall between you and the local tax authority.

d. Payment

  • Commissions are summed up at the end of the month and will be paid out on the 15th of the following month
  • The payment limit is 50 USD. If the accumulated income is less than the payment limit, it will be transferred to the next month.
  • Affiliates need to complete their electronic contract (one time only) before receiving the first commission.
  • Businesses will be paid based on the contract and the record of acceptance and reconciliation

e. No commission recorded

One member, one shop cannot use multiple accounts to refer Fchat to each other. Fchat will not record commission when:

  • A & B used to access Fchat from the same IP address
  • A & B used to be allocated to the same shop
  1. User Manual

Fchat users can access and look up the user manual right at Fchat's User Manual page: However, Fchat probably won't provide users with any instructions under any form of printed text. User manual will be sent by Fchat with an account confirmation email right after you successfully register an account.

  1. Integrated shipping service of shipping partners

Fchat system is an open system capable of connecting with the system of shipping units in Vietnam such as Giaohangnhanh, Giaohangtietkiem, EMS, .. by creating HTTP queries to the API (Application Programming Interface) path. For other countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, we will soon add general systems throughout Southeast Asia such as Grap Express or Goject. For other carriers in your area, if you want to use a separate carrier system, please reply to email and there may be a development fee.

Such connection helps to integrate the delivery service of shipping partners on Fchat's system directly through the gateway, promoting automation, reducing manipulation and management on Fchat’s system and partners' systems. From there, Fchat users are always updated with information about the shipping and tracking status of the Parcels right on the system.

  1. Resolution of inquiries, complaints, disputes

a) Method of receiving inquiries and complaints

Any comments, questions, complaints, please send to Fchat by the following methods:

  • Support email:
  • Or contact directly on the website or official fanpage of

Depending on the complexity of the complaint, Fchat will have a corresponding processing time. Complaint settlement results will be notified to users. In case of necessity, Fchat can invite complainants to work directly.

Our company always tries to resolve customer complaints as soon as possible and in the spirit of negotiation, reconciliation, respect, mutual benefit.

b) In the event of a dispute

In the process of using Fchat, if there is a dispute between the user and Fchat, the two parties will negotiate in a spirit of friendship. In the event that the dispute cannot be resolved by reconciliation, it will be submitted to the Hanoi Economic Court for settlement.

  1. Termination of the cooperation agreement

Any fraudulent activity or violation of one of the foregoing terms will result in the termination of the cooperation agreement, or more serious, account lockout and cancellation of all results earned at without the need of prior notice.

Fchat will not be liable and compensate for any loss or damage incurred when Customers do not comply with the terms we mentioned above.

Fchat may change, supplement or amend this agreement at any time and will publish it clearly on the Website 

Thank you for collaborating with Fchat!