Install the message menu

The menu feature allows shop owners to pre-install categories of information that customers are interested in such as Price list, Product categories, Minigame, Website... in a customer's Messenger conversation.

The menu section is located in the lower-right corner of the customer's Messenger message conversation. When customers click on the menu, they will quickly access the chatbot’s features that are already set up.

To install the menu for the fanpage, set it up in Page settings > Menu

Here, click on Add Menu, give a name to the Menu; Block / URL / Unsub options for the page menu, and select Finish

- Block: Customers who click the menu will redirect to another script that has already been set up.

- URL: Customers who click on the menu will redirect to an established link. It can be a website link, a Facebook article link, a Youtube video link…

- Unsub: Customers who click on the menu will automatically be unsubscribed from the system, they will no longer receive messages from Fchat's campaign/sequence.

After installing the complete menus, click Publish to update the Menu on the page.

Fchat allows the installation of up to 3 Menus.

Note: The free account always has a default menu of Fchat. If you want to edit this default menu, you need to upgrade your account to a paid account.

Custom the menu by editing the menu on Fchat and selecting Publish. This action makes a homogeneous update between the menu installed on Fchat and the menu displayed on the page. 

To delete the entire menu on the page, click the Delete menu on the page.