List message

List messages provide a simpler and more consistent format than text based lists for people to find and select what they want from a business.

To add list message please see the following steps:

In a block, click to "+ More" >> select List message

The display will be shown:

(1) Header: the content of the list header

(2) Content: the content of the list

(3) Button text: menu button

(4) List item: content of selection

  • List messages are most effective for menus with up to 10 options or where

         additional context is required to make the decision.

  • List messages can provide an initial response to a customer message
    before transitioning to a human agent, or they can be ‘chained’ with other
    list or reply buttons to complete an action.
  •  List messages should not be used for:
    ○ A list of products: List messages cannot contain images.
    (Using Facebook Catalog may be a better option in this case).
    ○ Messages with fewer than four options that require no context (e.g.
    Yes/No). Use reply buttons or interactive notifications for these cases.

It'll appear in your device like this