Use variables in the Message block

Variables in Fchat are objects used to save corresponding values and call them out in automatic scripts.

In the Fchat system, there are many default variables and optional variables for the system to store customer information. 

The default variables include: 

{user_id}: a 16-digit string in the customer ID on the page.

Each customer will have their own ID on the page. This ID is only valid in Fchat, not the customer’s UID on Facebook. 

{full_name}: The full name of the customer’s Facebook account. 

{name}: Get the First name of the Client's Facebook account.

{gender}: Gender (Mr/Ms)

Change your comments to Sir/Madam/Customer by setting {gender: Sir/Madam/Customer} or Mr/Mrs by setting {gender: Mr/Mrs}.

- Male: Mr/Sir

- Female: Ms/Mrs/Madam

- Gender Unknown: You

The general formula in the Message block: {gender: Male/Female/Gender Unknown}. 

{email}: Save the customer's email information.

{phone}: Save the customer’s phone number information.

{address}: Save the customer’s address information.

{birthday}: Save your customer's birthday information. 

{city}: Save customer’s city information. 

{district}: Save customer’s district information. 

{wards}: Save customer’s wards/communes information.

{ad_id}: Customers are sub through which advertisement.

{last_seen}: The last time a customer saw a page message.

{ref_id}: The customers are sub through who introduces (Viral/Affiliate). 

{ref}: Customers are sub via any ref link. 

{point}: The number of points accumulated in the Accumulate the point object.

{ref_id}: Referrer ID (only available in Viral). 

{ref_count}: the number of successful referrals (only available in Viral audiences).

{ref_full_name}: The name of the referable person (only available in Viral/Affiliate). 

{ref_name}: referral's name to block (only available in Affiliate/Link Affiliate).

In addition to these default variables, add optional variables to save customer information. Optional variables are displayed in the Custom Attribute section of the customer details. 

Wishing you success!