Create a Gift Landing Page

The landing page is like a website where you introduce your products/services to customers. The landing page is used to increase the number of customers who register to chat with the page. To use this feature, follow the instructions below.

At the Dashboard screen, select the Landing Page section.


Here, go to + Add new to add new page.


Then the screen will display as shown below:

Then, install the content for the Landing page including:

(1) Banner: Add the main image on top of the Landing page

(2) Set title: Main title 

(3) Width: Dimensions of the width of the Landing page

(4) Short description: This section is for you to manage, customers will not see the description when viewing the Landing page

(5) Contents

Here, add images and videos for the landing page.

* To insert an image into the Landing page: select the image icon >> General >> upload arrow


Then tick the image in the section Manage images >> Choose


When the image is uploaded, you can edit the size of the image in the Width and Height boxes >> click Save to complete the process of uploading the image to the Landing page.

* To insert a video into the Landing page: select the Video icon >> Embed >> paste the video's embed code >> Save


Note: videos can only be uploaded to the Landing page via video embed code, do not add video link/insert from the device.

(6) CTA: Select a call-to-action - deprecated, send message button or signup webform.

After designing the Landing page, click Save to update or View Page to see the Landing page displayed.


Using this landing page link to send gifts or product/service information to customers to increase the number of customers chatting with the page.


When customers are interested in the content you send, they click on the landing page link and click Sign Up Now / Send to Messenger and start chatting with the Page, the customer will automatically be sent the Message Block you choose and become a subscriber of the page. This effectively supports you in the process of Automation Marketing sending campaigns, automatic message chains, …

Wishing you success!