[Agent] How to register as an agent of Fchat

Fchat's Agent is the sales representative of Fchat. Fchat allows individuals/ Organizations to self-register as an agent of Fchat. Agents are allowed to introduce and advise customers to register for Fchat services. For successful registrations, Fchat gives agents an amount of commission (30%-50% depending on their level).

To become a Fchat agent, click the Agency button at the end of the Fchat.co website:


The screen then displays as below:

Click REGISTER NOW, then fill in your information including your Full Name , Phone Number >> REGISTER NOW to complete registration.

After registering successfully, wait for Fchat to confirm your information and update the agent policy for your account.

Note: Fchat's regulations for agents:

- Do not use the name "Fchat", the name of the inside vendors: name of the email sender, name of Fanpage, name of Youtube channel

- Do not take the name of Fchat, SaleMall, iNET to work with customers.

- Do not run ads (Adwords, Facebook advertising,  ..) with keywords containing brand names: Fchat, SaleMall, iNET.

- Do not entice customers from websites, fanpages, Youtube channels managed by Fchat: Acts such as inboxing customers, replying to comments with referral links are strictly prohibited.

>> Fchat Terms of Use : https://fchat.co/policies/terms-use