Instructions for getting a phone number on Livechat

The getting phone number feature allows you to scan the phone number of customers who have declared on Facebook without leaving a comment/inbox about a phone number.

This feature makes it possible to automatically get a phone number and call customers. 

Depending on the package, you can get from 5 to 500 phone numbers per day.

To use this feature, follow the two steps below:

Step 1: Install the Fchat UID Extension on the browser

1. Download the utility

You download the Fchat UID Extension utility at:

2. Extract the file

Extract the downloaded file into a folder by right-clicking on the newly-downloaded rar file> select Extract to [filename]


3. Install the extension on the browser

Open Chrome browser: Click Browser Settings >> More Tools >> Extensions

Or On CocCoc browser: Click Settings icon in the upper left corner of the screen >> Extensions


The screen displays as shown below. Here, click Developer Mode >> Unzipped Utilities > select the unzipped folder >> Select folder


The successfully installed utility will display as below.


Step 2: Download the client file by UID

1. Update UID

In the Customer Section, click Update UID. The screen displays Pop Up like the image below, click ASK FOR RIGHTS > Continue as [your FB name].

After confirming, go back to the tab at the Customer section of Fchat, click Update token to get the message “Save token successfully”.

Next, click Update client UID and wait for the system to scan the UID (the processing time depends on the number of UIDs to be scanned).


1. The system scans the UID of customers who are already subscribers (who have sent a message to the fanpage), while customers who commented on fanpage will not be able to scan the UID

2. The system scans the UIDs of existing customers in the system. When new customers access the system, the UID again need to be updated again. (the system updates the UIDs of new customers, not existing UIDs)

3. The system does not download the UIDs of customers who have stopped receiving messages in the previous campaign/sequence.

2. Create a list of customers required to download UIDs (Skip this step if UIDs of all customers are downloaded)

Create a list of customers required to download UIDs by going to Customers > + list > select filter conditions > Filter and save.

Example: Create a file of female customers to send a promotion campaign on March 8 >> Filter conditions: {gender} = female

3. Export the selected list

After creating a list of customers required to export UIDs, click Export > tick the box in the List of customers for Fchat.AI > Export.

The downloaded file is a Notepad file, copy the content in the file and paste it on the list of customers of Fchat.AI to send bulk messages.

Wishing you success!