User Attribute – Create & Set values for user variables

The User Attribute object is used to create variables and assign/store variable values. This variable will be associated with one user. 


You can use the math formula: + - * / in the Values column, for example {diem} = {diem} + 1

Some features used with User Attribute and Go to Block: 

- TODAY: Get current date DD/MM/YYYY

- NOW: Get current time HH:MI

- For example: {expired_date} = TODAY + 99  The 99-day gift-receiving period.

You can use User Attribute to: 

- Assign fixed variables to users running through 1 Block to distinguish registered customers from unregistered customers (in combination with Go to Block to check conditions). 


- Calculate points and the number of introduced users (combined with Affiliate objects):


- Calculate the order price for customers:


You can also use Broadcast API to change the value of these variables from the outside or you can use the JSON API object called Broadcast API to change a user’s variable values and send them the message block. 

Note: Do not place the User Attribute object at the top of the message block.


Wishing you a successful business with Fchat!