Schedule - Set a fixed sending schedule daily, weekly, monthly, annually

The Schedule feature helps you schedule a fixed daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sending to the target customer group. The purpose is to remind customers to take action on a regular basis, on schedule.

The schedule works best for the education sector with jobs such as:

  • Submit daily, weekly assignments
  • Daily and weekly homework reminders
  • A reminder of class schedule, weekly meeting schedule
  • Submit daily schedule
  • ....

To set up a fixed delivery schedule:

Step 1: Select the fanpage you want to set up Schedule

At the Dashboard screen, click on the name or avatar of the fanpage you want to set up. Schedule to go to the main working screen on that fanpage.


Step 2: Create a list of customers who want to send scheduled messages

The main working screen of the fanpage, you create a new customer list by going to Audience section > clicking the + icon

Here, name the list, filter conditions by system variables or tags (tags, phone, email, city, district, created_at, last_seen,.....) and save the list.

A list of system variables and their meanings can be found here.

Step 3: Set a Schedule for the selected list

In the menu column along the left side of the screen, select Sequence > Schedule and set the following items:

  • Message tags (1): To send messages outside of 24 hours according to Facebook's policy, details about message cards can be found here.
  • List (2): The list shown and select the list to send
  • Sending time (3): Set sending date, sending time
  • Time zone (4): The bot's time zone is +7 (in Vietnam), if you are abroad, you need to select the User's time zone
  • Frequency of repetition (5): daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Content to send (6): The content of the message you want to send to the customer

As the delivery schedule in the illustration above, the customer will receive the content daily at 20:00.

Good luck!