[Agents] Manage customer list

Fchat allows agents to manage the list of customers they have referred to Fchat, new orders or renewal orders of users, as well as their monthly income.

To manage the customer list, on the Dashboard screen , click on the Avatar >> Recommend to friends

Then, the screen will display the following information: 

(1) Affiliate wallet: Every Fchat member has the right to invite friends and be rewarded with 10,000 VND for each successful referral user. This bonus amount will be added to your Affiliate wallet and not converted to cash. You can use the bonuses to use the services at Fchat.vn.

(2) Agent wallet: The total amount of money put into the system upon agent registration. Agents can use this money to pay for their orders, customers' orders, creating License keys for sale.

Agent Wallet = the amount the agent put in + interest money

(3) Account status: Fchat will inform you of your account status as Fchat’s Affiliate/Agency

(4) Customer recommendation: This is where you create a recommendation link for customers to join Fchat. You can create an affiliate link, send emails, and share the Facebook links with customers. 

(5) User: List of customers who have registered with Fchat via your referral link. 

When someone enters Fchat through an agent's referral link, and within 30 days, they register to become a member, that registration will be credited to the agent. If more than one person refers to the same customer, the last referrer will be credited. Whenever the referred user places an order or renews Fchat services, the agent will receive a commission.

Here you can manage customer information such as full name, phone number, account registration time, …

(6) Orders: List of your users’ orders. When your user successfully places an order or renews Fchat services.

Here, you can see information including:

- Order code: the order code registered by the customer on Fchat system

- Name of customer: the name of the person who created the order

- Shop: the name of the shop registered for the paid package

- Package: The name of Fchat service package

- Month: number of months using the service pack

- Total amount: the value of the order

- Revenue: actual payment amount (after discount)

- Commission: the amount of income you receive when the order is successful

- Status: The status of an order. Orders with successful status will bring you commissions.

- Order creation date: the time your user creates service package registration

(7) Income: Your total commission each month. Agents can manage their monthly number or profiting orders, as well as their actual income.

Note: When Fchat processes the orders or the agent’s customers make payment online, the agent gets commissions according to Affiliate policies.