Automatically send happy birthday messages

When there is information on the customer's birthday, via Fchat, the congratulatory message can be sent to them automatically with the default Sequence "Happy Birthday". With this feature, birthdays can be reminded up to 30 days in advance and congratulatory can be sent to guests on their birthday.

To install, go to Sequence > Happy Birthday and add the content of the message sent to the customer.


To congratulate a customer's birthday, ask for the guest's date of birth via (webform or user input) or manually enter the date of birth into the system.

Note: When asking for customer information, the birthday variable need to be saved as {birthday}

Each day, the system will scan for the next 30 days and form an eligible customers' list (whose birthday falls within the next 30 days) into the Happy Birthday Sequence to send messages.

In this Sequence, set the message delivery schedule inbox (1) and choose the tag that matches the content. Then click the Save button and create the message inbox (2).


>> How to choose the right tag

Sending schedule can be selected to send n days before your birthday (n<30) or send it on the customers’ birthday.

Thus, set up customer birthday reminder messages (up to 30 days in advance) and send a happy birthday message to your customers automatically.

Good luck!