Instructions for getting a phone number on Livechat

The getting phone number feature allows you to scan the phone number of customers who have declared on Facebook without leaving a comment/inbox about a phone number.

This feature makes it possible to automatically get a phone number and call customers. 

Depending on the package, you can get from 5 to 500 phone numbers per day.

To use this feature, follow the two steps below:

Step 1: Install the Fchat Uid Extension utility on the browser

1. Download the Fchat Uid Extension utility at:


2. Extract the downloaded file to a folder.

3. Open Chrome or Coccoc browser: You click Browser Settings >> Other tools >> Extensions Utility

The screen displays as shown below. Here, you turn on Developer Mode >> Unzipped Extensions.

Click "Select folder", Fchat Uid Extension will be installed on your browser. 


Step 2: Get the phone number from Livechat

In Dashboard >> Livechat, you click on the conversation with the customer who needs to get the phone number, select Get phone number.

At that time, get the phone numbers of customers who have phone numbers on Facebook. 

Note: Get the customer's phone number from Fchat's Live chat when you guarantee the following two conditions:

1. Decentralized on the fanpage: Admin, Editor.

2. Fchat Uid Extension installed. 

The rate of successfully taking the phone number is 60%.

Wishing you success!