Using Chatbot or chatbox for websites is a top choice for most businesses and online businesses at the moment. The ability to support online and interact with customers, along with other great features has made this tool increasingly popular. So what is Chatbot Website or Chatbox? and how to create a chatbox for your website? Find out about this information with Fchat in the article below!

What is Chatbot (Chatbox)?

Chatbot Website or chatbox is a computer program that simulates conversations with people over the Internet. Today, it is known as a marketing automation software capable of communicating over the Internet. Simply put, a chatbox acts as an assistant robot that communicates with humans through messages. It is a “virtual friend”, a tool to assist business owners in customer interaction and consultation.

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Types of chatbox for Website today

There are quite a few types of chatbox in use, but they are divided into 2 groups: simple chatbox and smart chatbox. Learn more about these two types according to the following information:

Simple Chatbox

Simple Chatbox are simple Chatbots, all activities are conducted according to the principle of pre-programmed keywords. In other words, it can only answer a customer's question if the question contains keywords or pre-programmed information strings. If it encounters a question that does not contain any pre-set keywords or information. Chatbox will respond by default in the form of: "Sorry, I don't understand".

Smart Chatbox

Smart Chatbox are Chatbots that are combined with AI. Unlike Simple Chatbox, these chatbots can understand and automatically interact with customers in many different fields without pre-programmed keywords and answers. In the process of interacting with customers, the information they give to exchange will be automatically recorded by the bot for data.

Why create Chatbox for Website?

Reduced HR costs

Installing a chatbox is equivalent to having an employee working 24/7 with extreme performance that only needs to be 'paid once'. Think about it, no employee can reply to hundreds of consulting messages in just a few seconds, but with a chatbox, this is completely possible.

Business growth support with Facebook Messenger integration

Installing a chatbox in Messenger helps support, advise, and interact with customers quickly and conveniently. Especially in big marketing campaigns.

Flexible in terms of time

You can't always 'watch' the page to take care of your customers. With the installation of Chatbox, customer care service will be conducted 24/24 by chatbots. This creates an impression of professionalism and makes the most of sales opportunities.

Fast and efficient order processing support

During promotions or shopping seasons, processing orders, answering customer messages is a big responsibility that sometimes can’t be done with just human effort. However, if there is a chatbox, processing performance will increase significantly.

How to create an effective Chatbox for Website

Seeing the types of Chatbox that are currently widely used and reasons to create a chatbox, you will be curious about how to create and install this tool. Detailed instructions will be revealed below.

Use the LiveChat tool

Using LiveChat is also the perfect choice to install a chatbox for your website. This software isn’t free, but in return, it is optimized and integrated with a lot of utilities such as conversation analysis, website statistics, understanding the problems customers are facing,... Thus it helps increase competitiveness, convert potential customers, reduce labour costs,...

Fchat Chatbot is one of the chatbots that are integrated with the Livechat tool to help you manage comments and inboxes on one window from many channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Website, E-commerce page,... You can try it for free right here:


Above are things to know about what chatbox is as well as issues related to this tool. It can be seen that this is a powerful and essential support tool for every website and fanpage. To increase sales, improve customer experience or order closing rates,... don't forget to install chatbox for your website.