Online Chatbot is considered the future of online business with the mission of reducing human errors in operation, creating a modern technological bridge between customers and businesses. Currently, this tool is being used popularly with many developers at different prices. So the question is whether businesses should use free chatbot software and what the free chatbot solution brings? Join Fchat to learn more information about this issue in the article below.

What is a Free Chatbot?

Free Chatbot is a software, application powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help people manage chats, interact with users by audio or text messages instead of exchanging directly with real people. To simplify, chatbots can be considered a consultant/virtual assistant answering questions for users or taking care of customers on the internet.

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Should you use free chatbot software?

The answer is yes, especially in the digital age with the growth of online shopping. Consumers often visit the store's website and fanpage to learn about products, communicate directly with businesses to get accurate information and order quickly.

Chatbot software is a chat solution with similar features, which may be even more advanced depending on the actual requirements of the business but at no cost.

One of the most talked-about free chatbot solutions today is Fchat - a free lifetime chatbot. Use Fchat right here!

The following reasons will help you understand why you should use free chatbot software:

Free chatbot responds automatically 24/7

Chatbots operate on different platforms such as Facebook Chatbot, Instagram Chatbot, Zalo Chatbot, etc. Through pre-programmed scripts, the free chatbot software Fchat receives customer requests and immediately delivers the correct response. The keyword feedback feature also helps customers shorten the waiting time, receive information that is right for their needs.

Stimulate purchases, close orders right at the bot

Fchat's free Chatbot software helps stores automate the service process and gain customers’ affection. Thanks to the feature of automatically storing customer information, the bot can understand the needs and products that customers are interested in, thereby making suggestions for the products/services/programs they want. Fchat provides features that use text, images, and vivid options to best navigate users, stimulating them to make purchase decisions 3 times faster. With the ability to create and distribute discount codes, this is a tool to effectively reach customers, attract interested users, and therefore is loved by many shop owners.

In addition, the free chatbot software also automatically hides customer comments, both to combat unfair competition and to protect customer information.

Comprehensive management interface

Fchat centrally manages customers from all sources such as Trading Floors, inboxes and comments from social networking sites on the same operating window. Automatically store customer data (phone numbers, emails, ...) into mini CRM, tag, group, support shop owners or businesses to maximize customer data effectively. Besides, shop owners can directly assign employees to specific conversations and monitor the responsiveness and quality of conversations in the report section.

Cost savings

Fchat is a FREE chatbot software that helps small and medium businesses, online shops, restaurants with a moderate amount of data without any cost. Besides, using Fchat's free chatbot also saves up to 80% of the costs of advertising and launching viral campaigns. Successfully supporting 0-USD re-marketing campaigns by making full use of customer data.


Steps to building an effective free chatbot script

Step 1: Find out the goal of the script

When building any chatbot script, it is necessary to have clear goals, such as: introducing products, taking care of new/old customers, promotions,...

Step 2: Identify the target customer

At this step, you need to base your business on the product or service itself. From there you will know what content is suitable for the chatbot script, to better take care of old/new customers.

Step 3: Sketch the script

Script sketching is also one of the necessary steps to build an effective chatbot script. Here, you will have an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the type of chatbot software that you have previously selected, and see if it is suitable for your target customers.

Step 4: Learn about the chatbot platforms

Choosing the right online chatbot creation platform for your business is extremely important because each free chatbot software has its own unique features. This will easily help you promote the strengths that your company has.

Step 5: Build a chatbot script, test it and put it into operation

At this step, you can start building the official chatbot script and test it one last time before putting it into operation. This is the process that helps you find hidden errors and correct them in time, ensuring the chatbot will operate smoothly.

Step 6: Edit and optimize chatbot

After the chatbot script goes into operation, you need to check and evaluate the effectiveness and stability of the online chatbot software. In the future, at some point, this chatbot script may not be suitable anymore. The advice for you is to observe the feedback from your own customers to come up with other content.


Fchat - Popular, Free chatbot software today

Fchat is a sales chatbot software that helps businesses automatically consult, close orders and take care of customers effectively. Currently, Fchat has been present in many different markets such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines with more than 100,000 users. Fchat supports online shop owners and businesses of all sizes to build smart and flexible free chatbot software for all industries. Using Fchat's free chatbot, businesses can use a full set of features such as:

  • Store up to 10,000 users for a lifetime of a free chatbot design package.
  • Easily connect chatbot to websites, Facebook fanpage. The number of integrated fanpages is unlimited.
  • Set up chatbot scripts with flexible scenarios such as greeting script, timer script, autoresponder script, campaign launch script, ...
  • Perfect live chat feature: Live chat with customers from many sources on the same operating window, manage comments, chat history, customer support group chats.
  • Respond by keyword, natural language, friendly interface, easy to use.
  • Chatbot anti-customer-poaching, automatically hide comments, customer information on fanpage.
  • Free chatbot software that integrates mini CRM, automatically stores customer information, supports grouping and tagging.
  • The feature of automatically dividing rights, assigning sales staff to best take care of customers.
  • Ability to create discount codes, support the launch of viral campaigns, remarketing campaigns, customer appreciation campaigns by sending bulk messages to specific target groups.
  • The reporting statistics feature makes it easy to track business performance.
  • Appointment booking feature, appointment reminder, showing professionalism in the customer reception process.

Chat bot is considered the future of online business with the mission of reducing human errors in operation, creating a modern technological bridge between customers and businesses. Hopefully, after this article, you can gain a new perspective about free chatbot and have the experience to further support your business.