How To Build A Streamlabs Sales Chatbot Script On Facebook

How To Build A Streamlabs Sales Chatbot Script On Facebook

At this age of the Internet and social medias’ unstoppable growth, "livestreaming" online has become familiar to everyone. This is one of the effective Facebook Marketing methods to reach thousands of customers directly. The following article will help you have an effective and quality livestream with step-by-step instructions for building the perfect streamlabs chatbot scripts for sales.

What is Chatbot Livestream (streamlabs Chatbot)?

Chatbot Live Stream or streamlabs Chatbot is a tool that can communicate and interact with humans through pre-programmed artificial intelligence. In most cases, chatbots are used via messaging apps to talk to people. Chatbot can be used as an effective tool to help customer care be done automatically 24/7.

Streamlabs chatbot facebook live is a form of combining chatbots in Livestream to increase sales efficiency through automatically replying to comments or inboxes with customers.

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What Is Chatbot? Why Are Chatbots Important?

Increase The Efficiency Of Sales Through Livestream With Streamlabs Chatbot

Checklist sales streamlabs chatbot scripts

In order for your livestream event to attract a great amount of viewers, you need more than just the voice factor. You need to have the skills to manage unexpected events that may happen in your livestream.

In addition, think about the main content you will be delivering throughout the live session. What will you talk about first? What’s the following content and how will you end the livestream? When should you talk about your product/service? What will you do if you have said too much? 

Step 1: Create a new beginning

Make sure that everyone understand your livestream’s title. 

Inform your followers/subjects about the topic and time of the live event in advance.

You can choose a designated day to go live, helping people remember when your livestream starts. Then promote your event with images, videos and audios.

Facebook and Youtube: Make sure you have added the links to your product/service/call to action in the description box on Youtube and Facebook. Frequently remind your viewer of them throughout the Livestream.

Instagram: Post your topics and links in the comment before moving to the topic details.

Step 2: Build an interesting introduction

Give your Livestream viewers the warmest greetings. Remind them to interact to show their interest in the event. Choose one of the following methods:

  • Tell them “hello”
  • Tell viewers to leave an icon of your choice. For example, “drop a like if you like the topic of this live”
  • Tell them who you are and what you are doing
  • Talk about your topic for the day

Step 3: Give a Winning Live session

  • Always decide a time limit: 15 minutes/ 30 minutes/ 60 minutes/…
  • Divide the live into smaller steps for the viewers to follow easily (First, Second, Third…)
  • Use examples or tell a personal story to raise viewers’ interest in the Live

Step 4: End the event and say Thanks

  • End the Livestream with a summary of your speech

For example: “Now let’s go through all today’s topic. First, Second…”

  • Integrate the products/services that you want to sell into the Live event
  • Let your viewers know that your Livestream happens thanks to the help of these products/services

And end the Livestream by sending your viewers a sincere “Thank you”. Make sure that aside from showing your contacts (email and other media), you give them a “call to action” (click “Like”, register, share, etc. on your platform)


  • When introducing yourself, come up with a slogan that makes it easy for people to remember you. For example, “Let livestreaming give you a chance”
  • Be consistent. It shouldn't just happen for 1 day and disappear the day after that. If you can't proceed with the Livestream, record it first and post on your other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Make your Livestream a place where your community of followers can consistently engage and experience together.

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Streamlabs chatbot setup by Fchat Chatbot - Unlimited sales, increase customer experience

Fchat Chatbot is a technology platform that helps sellers centrally manage all comments and messages from many channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Livestream ... at a single place. How can Fchat Chatbot help in optimizing Livestream efficiency?

Handle thousands of conversations when Livestream

Automatically aggregate comments in a livestream, filter order comments, thereby creating orders with information from comments and commenters. Process conversations in order of priority, making sure not to miss any guest comments.

Filter conversations quickly

Fchat Chatbot helps you filter conversations by messages, comments, phone numbers, unread conversations, read conversations… quickly and automatically.

Create orders automatically according to the available scenarios.

When Livestream, instead of having a team of telesales staff and processing orders that take hours, you can completely replace it with Fchat's new automatic order creation function when customers comment with the correct syntax.

Automatically respond to customer comments/inboxes after creating orders

Chatbot will automatically message customers who have left information in comments to confirm information and ask for missing information. The system automatically creates orders when customers comment with the correct syntax. Respond to customers according to the sample script to close the application or remind them when the syntax is wrong.

Connect and push orders directly to the carrier

The Shipping feature allows users to connect with shipping units to generate bill of lading and update order status automatically via Fchat. Currently, Fchat can connect with shipping units in some countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

Accurate livestream performance statistics

Summarize orders with status so that users can easily manage, close or cancel orders, print orders... From there, it helps you to effectively statistics the livestream in the most accurate way.

Effective remarketing

You can set up Chatbot to send information to customers who have watched your livestream. This will easily keep customers on your page.

For example: new promotions, new products, gifts for people who have interacted in the livestream video,...

With the simple steps to create streamlabs chatbot scripts above, hopes to have shared with you useful experiences when using Livestream for sales, bringing better experiences. Wishing you a successful operation!