Chatbot Livestream Combining Sales - The Key To Never Miss A Customer

Chatbot Livestream Combining Sales - The Key To Never Miss A Customer

How to reduce the omission of customer interaction during a livestream is a problem that has been giving businesses and sellers a headache. The birth if Chatbot Livestream has brought about the perfect solution to this problem: Combining Sales with Facebook Chatbot Livestream.

What is Chatbot Livestream?

Chatbot Live Stream is a tool that can communicate and interact with humans through pre-programmed artificial intelligence. In most cases, chatbots are used via messaging apps to talk to people. Chatbot can be used as an effective tool to help customer care be done automatically 24/7.

Streamlabs chatbot facebook live  is a form of combining chatbots in Livestream to increase sales efficiency through automatically replying to comments or inboxes with customers.

What is a Sales Livestream?

Sales Livestream is a form of live broadcasting on social media platforms, typically Facebook, with the ultimate aim of selling products/services to viewers.

Livestream easily attracts customer attention because of its convenience. Customers can directly listen to the product introduction, see the actual product, and interact through activities like liking, commenting, etc. At this time, the live video streamer can see customers' questions and reply instantly.

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Increase The Efficiency Of Sales Through Livestream With Streamlabs Chatbot

The Pros and Cons of Sales Livestream


  1. Proactive time management

With sales Livestream, you have the freedom and complete control over matters like the livestream time, its duration and production ideas, etc. This way, you can gain the best possible result.

  1. Free interaction 

Compared to direct selling, online selling can help you cut down on expenses including facility, decoration, employees, etc. In addition, with the rise of livestream tools and features, online selling can attract a huge amount of customer interaction without costing you a dollar!

  1. Solution to customers’ pain points

With online shopping, what customers are most concerned with is the products’ shape and quality in real life. With sales Livestream, customers can observe products from different angles realistically instead of looking at edited photos like they normally have to.


  1. Missed comments

It is nearly impossible to introduce products thoroughly and answer all customer questions yourself. Therefore, during a Sales Livestream, customer comments can be missed, causing you a loss of potential orders.

  1. Order poaching

When customers give you their information to make a purchase, your competitors can take this opportunity to “steal” your orders.

  1. No chance for remarketing

Remarketing is an essential activity, playing the role of reminding old customers and retaining potential ones. However, with sales Livestream, it’s hard to control all customer interaction during the Livestream.

Chatbot Livestream combining Sales - The key to never miss a customer

With the combination of streamlabs Chatbot Facebook Live and sales, all the above disadvantages can be completely overcome, ensuring the business efficiency of individuals and companies.

Categorize customers and send messages to the right customer segment

When you combine Facebook chatbot live stream and sales, the chatbot will process customers’ comments, thereby messaging directly each customer the product information that they are interested in.


The chatbot then plays the role of a professional consultant for customers’ needs. This instant interaction can improve customers’ impression of the brand instead of creating disappointment because of comment commission. 

Send timely messages to customers

Sending timely messages can minimize order poaching from a competitor. Chatbot will identify and message order confirmation for customers who leave personal information to make an order.

Remarketing effectively

And finally, chatbot will make a great contribution to your brand's remarketing activities later on. Famous as a leading application in customer segmentation, chatbots will help you identify new, old and potential customers. Based on that, you can come up with appropriate marketing strategies for each customer segment, helping your brand get closer to new customers and retain loyal ones.

You can set the chatbot to send information to customers who have watched your livestream, for example, new promotions, new products, exclusive gifts for people who have interacted in the livestream video, and more.

This is what will keep a customer on your page effortlessly.

7 Steps To Increase Fanpage Interaction With Chatbot Livestream

Step 1: Make sure the information on your page is correct (phone number, address) ==> Increase trust from customers and Facebook can locate your Live location.

Step 2: Create a Facebook Live Scheduled that promises customers a special offer.


Step 3: Create a Post with sales content + what was promised to your customers.

Step 4: Use the "Facebook Comment" tool in to transfer customer comments to Inbox with "keywords". Keywords will send them a notification with a link to the upcoming Facebook Live Broadcast and let them know that you'll send them a reminder just before the live.

Step 5: Create in-stream Facebook ads for customers who interact with the LIVE.

Use an ad account to run this segment.

Step 6: Use to "Send Messages" to people who have interacted with the above post.

This ensures that those who have signed up to follow the Live are updated with the exact time of the Live.

Step 7: Start the Live and process after the Live.

The combination of sales and Chatbot Livestream is quite necessary and effective. Livestream helps your brand receive more attention and chatbot will help you gain more orders from that attention.