Nowadays, the number of users on messaging applications like Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Zalo is skyrocketing. Facebook Messenger alone has over 1.3 billion users. Over 20 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and customers every month on Facebook Messenger. For that, more than 300.000 Messenger chatbots were created to communicate and solve users’ problems. Currently, many individuals and businesses are Fanpage owners, applying chatbot messenger marketing to customer care using pre-set scripts to save time, labour costs and increase revenue. Join Fchat to find out how businesses use and make money with it now!

What is a Messenger chatbot?

Chatbot is a software integrated with artificial intelligence that automatically responds to customer messages on Fanpage and website according to a pre-established script. The most popular one today is the chatbot on Facebook Messenger.


What Are The Benefits Of Chatbots?

Automate customer messaging process

When you do online business on Facebook, customers contribute to important factors such as:

  • Product quality.
  • Customer feedback.
  • Message response speed.
  • ...

Customers can look for information themselves, but they need support and consultation when they have questions. If your fanpage is relatively small, you can still manually interact with each customer, but businesses usually can’t reply to hundreds of customers at a time, or when they message when the staff is offline. 

When the response time is too long, customers won’t have the patience to wait, even their desire to buy your products will be lost, or worse, you will lead them right into the arms of your competitors. At times like this, the chatbot is a reasonable choice because it can reply to customers right when they send a message, they will have all the information and do not need to wait for you to be online. 

Customer service for old customer

When customers message you, it means they have a need and is interested in your products. With chatbot messenger, you can take advantage of old customers files by sending them promotions, discounts… 

Normally, customers always like information about discounts and special offers… Automatic messages like this not only remind them of the brand but also increase the number of orders.

Reduce costs

Chatbot can replace humans to take on many tasks, from providing product information, giving consultation to closing sales, asking for feedback… which helps you save a huge amount of effort and costs. According to an analysis by Juniper Research, by 2022, Chatbot can help businesses save over 8 billion USD in customer care expenses each year.

Why use Facebook Chatbot?

Provide a good customer experience

As mentioned above, customers don’t want to wait, and you wouldn’t want yourself or your staff to waste time and energy answering the same questions over and over again because:

  • It’s unlikely that you can stay on the Fanpage 24/7 to care for customers whenever they need.
  • With larger business models, you can’t manage customers all at once.
  • Since there are many types of customers, you will inevitably meet somebody who you can’t handle.

Chatbot can support you with all of the above in just a few seconds, helping you bring the best experience to your customers. 

Prevent customer poaching

If you follow the article “How to hide Facebook comments to avoid customer poaching”, you will notice that customer poaching happens quite often nowadays in online business. Now, with chatbots, you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore because you can set up chatbots to send direct messages to customers as soon as they comment on your posts or advertisements. 

Increase Fanpage interaction and customer navigation

For those of you who run ads, using chatbots can stimulate customers to comment, the more people comment, the cheaper the advertising price is. In addition, you can also set up chatbot feedback with CTAs that direct customers to your website or urge customers to take certain actions.


How to use Messenger Chatbot effectively?

Just like with Facebook or Instagram, Messenger developers always want users to have a perfect experience when using the application. Therefore, when customers feel annoyed, they have the right to remove your chatbot in 2 simple ways:

  • Turn off messages or notifications.
  • Delete message.

Therefore, you need to be clever in creating content for Chatbot to avoid these two cases.

There are a few things you should notice:

  • Chatbot’s purpose isn’t just to sell products. Use it to build quality relationships with your customers. 
  • Create useful content: 90% experience sharing, 10% sales boosting.
  • Create categories for customers to look up information quickly.
  • Take care of customers with special offers or giveaways.

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What to prepare before creating your own Facebook Chatbot?

  • identify your target customers, then prepare in advance the issues that customers may be interested in.
  • Understand the products you sell, exploit their best values for customers.
  • Create a customer care script with detailed consulting steps, you need to list out what questions the customer will ask to create the most natural answers. 

How to make money with Messenger Chatbot? 

In addition to applying it to your online business, you can basically make money with Chatbot in the following two ways:

  • Install and manage chatbots: You can work as a freelancer to manage Chatbots for online businesses, communities,...You can charge for installation or maintenance and operation fees of Chatbot which is not cheap, averaging 850 USD for a sales bot.
  • Make money with Affiliate Marketing: You can use chatbots to reach/take care of customers with suitable niches, or you can make money directly with affiliate programs of chatbot service providers.

Hopefully, through this article, you have learned more about Chatbot so you can apply it to your online business. An effective advertising campaign with great support tools will produce astonishing results.