The Most Effective Free Customer Care Facebook Chatbot Scripts Of 2022

The Most Effective Free Customer Care Facebook Chatbot Scripts Of 2022

In order for customers to trust and stick with your business, you must have the right policies to support them thoughtfully. Therefore, customer care via Chatbot is currently a popular choice of many businesses because of its advantages in efficiency and cost optimization. In this article, Fchat will share with you the most effective Chatbot customer care scripts today. Stay tuned for more details.

What is a customer care script for Facebook Chatbot?

Before learning about customer care scripts via Chatbot, you need to understand what a customer care script is? Currently, a customer care script can simply be understood as a diagram of action plans and answers to solve customers’ problems that you may encounter during the consultation and customer care process.

Customer care scripts are often used to support customers through popular customer care channels today such as Livechat on website, email, social media, Chatbot, phone call, .. Each customer will be taken care of according to a personalized “route” (each customer will receive separate messages according to the time interval since they interacted). This helps customers no longer feel like they are being spammed, the rate of customer satisfaction and the closing ratio is higher, especially without spending too much manpower on customer care.

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Benefits of using a Customer care script for Facebook Chatbot

Customer care is considered a central strategy in business activities. It is the process by which a business provides services so that customers feel respected and valued. Currently, many businesses are choosing Chatbot to provide available information to customers, eliminating human effort in this stage.

There is no denying the benefits that Chatbot brings to businesses in the field of customer care. Here are the benefits of applying a customer care script via Chatbot today that every business should consider:

  • Chatbot can send customer care information anytime, anywhere and send mass messages quickly, saving time and expenses.
  • Identify customers who have purchased, customers who have interacted without purchasing, customers who have purchased a lot… At the same time, it also captures the needs and characteristics of customers more accurately, making it convenient for a quick consultation and sales closing.
  • Bring accurate information to each customer file, automatically answer all questions raised by customers anytime, anywhere, helping to increase customer interaction with your business.
  • Automatically take care of customers for 24/7, reduce investment costs, and reduce the workload for customer care staff so that they can prioritize the implementation of other campaigns.

Using Chatbot to take care of customers is a wise decision that you should consider to improve business efficiency for your business.

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Customer care script templates for Facebook Chatbot

Depending on each customer segment, there are different customer care scripts. Here are some common Chatbot customer care scripts you can use as a reference:

Customer care script for potential customers

According to Getdrip, with businesses that build customer care scripts, the number of customers who are willing to buy increases by 50%. Because potential customers (Leads) are people who are interested and can buy your product at the nearest time.

Your job now is to create interactions, offer outstanding product features, create high reliability for customers, and combine promotions, along with introductions to create the crowd effect to attract and urge customers to buy.

Customer care script for new customers

This is the customer segment that needs to use the service you provide. This new group of customers may or may not know about the products you offer, so what you need to do now is to introduce your products in the most complete and enticing way.

You can use Chatbot to create scripts to send to customers who are interested in your products or services. Customer care scripts should include links to blog posts or Fanpage instead of employees for direct interactions, which reduces pressure on messaging staff.

With new customers, who do not know your company's products and brands, your customer care script needs to be organized to create trust and capture customers' attention.

Customer care script for customer aftercare

Currently, in addition to product/service quality, customer care is also one of the factors that enhance the competitiveness of businesses. If you take good care of your customers, they will continue to come back to use your products/services next time.

Taking care of customers, especially old customers, is seen as a secret weapon to help improve the position and reputation of the business in the market. Therefore, in order for customers to be really satisfied right after purchasing the product, you should prepare corresponding scripts to support and interact with customers.

For example, return offers, discount codes, repair programs, warranty policies, free product maintenance for customers...

Customer care script for customer complaints

Building a Chatbot to take care of customers’ complaints is essential for businesses. While doing your business, you will inevitably run into cases where customers complain about the features and uses of the product, ask for a discount, exchange or return goods, etc. To handle situations flexibly, answer and appease customers, you need to build customer care scripts to solve these problems.

Sales closing script - avoid losing orders

In the process of sale closing, customers can give dozens of reasons to refuse or postpone the purchase of a product. To solve these problems, you need to build yourself some corresponding scripts to take care of them.

Customer care script for old customers 

This is the target group that has used your service and if you can build appropriate care scripts, this will become a loyal customer group. Because not all products can be used on a large scale, there will be cases where a new product will need to be purchased over a long period of time, or when purchased, these customers have not interacted with you for a long time.

Building a care script, in addition to attracting them to use the product again, is also a way to keep a good interaction with customers, whether they buy or not, they still appreciate the products and services you provide.

Promotion script for promotion campaigns

With promotions, you can create customer care scripts via Chatbot such as

  • Interested but not leaving information: in this case, tag and create ads to target them indirectly.
  • Interested and leaving information: in this case, the staff will advise customers to close sales, if they still do not buy, the script that reminds them of the promotion will be attached to them. The content of the script will talk about the urgency and scarcity of promoted products every day to urge customers to buy immediately.

You need to rely on the level of customer interaction to come up with appropriate solutions. You should create more interactions to be able to reach and impress customers.

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To be able to retain old customers and create credibility with new customers, businesses need to build specific customer care scripts. Customer care scripts show professionalism, save time and costs for businesses. Hopefully, the information shared above will help you create your own professional Chatbot customer care scripts to serve your business. Good luck!