Close unlimited orders, increase customer experience when Livestream sales with Fchat Chatbot

Close unlimited orders, increase customer experience when Livestream sales with Fchat Chatbot

Livestream sales are currently the choice of many businesses to connect customers and increase revenue. Because in the current complicated situation of the Covid epidemic, most business and trading activities are carried out online and Livestream stands out as a form of real interaction with customers, saving costs. but still achieve efficiency, even closing orders faster and more streamlined than conventional sales methods.
However, one question is how to make the interactions when customers live stream sales do not drift, be ignored or be "robbed" by competitors? Follow the article below to get the answer!

What is Livestream Sales?

Sales Livestream is a form of recording and broadcasting live on social networking sites, typically Facebook, with the ultimate aim of selling to viewers. Livestream attracts a lot of attention from customers because of its convenience.
With this form of sales, customers can both listen to the product introduction with their own ears, see the actual product with their own eyes, and interact directly through activities like, comments, etc. , live video streamers can see customer questions and get answers immediately, close orders directly during the livestream.

livestream sales
A successful livestream can bring businesses or shop owners over 100 orders or thousands of orders. From the huge profit that livestream sales brings, it is considered a "billion dollar" business form in the future, chosen by many businesses and shop owners.

Why should Livestream sales and not other forms?

Selling on Facebook through articles describing products is gradually becoming "saturated", the form of "Livestream Sales" is bringing more effectiveness. Livestream brings positive effects, the successful closing rate is also many times higher than traditional online sales. Choosing to live broadcast provides an extremely good platform for customers thanks to the following benefits:

Cost “0” VND

Compared to direct sales, or posting, livestream sales will help you to reduce a lot of costs that may arise such as: premises, decoration, staff, attracting the interaction of many users, without any cost. At the same time, your number of followers can completely increase naturally due to the initiative of customers.

Active in space and time

livestream sales

Just need a smartphone and internet, you can livestream anywhere, any space you want. Moreover, you can be completely free and proactive about the time to shoot, how long to shoot, how to prepare the idea, etc. Thanks to that, the effect you get will be better.

Hit the right customer psychology

According to a survey by New York Magazine, more than 80% of viewers would rather watch livestreams than read social media posts, marketing content with only text and images.
Livestream becomes closer and increases the level of interaction with customers because they can see the product firsthand (design, color, material... in many different angles). At the same time, you also know if customers like or dislike you or your products through the number of views, likes, comments, inboxes... so that you can adjust the live streaming script to be the most reasonable.

Live streaming brings many benefits, but besides being a double-edged sword, there are still some limitations that need to be overcome such as:

  • Guest comments are easy to drift and you may miss out on a quality order while busy Livestreaming.
  • When customers leave information to buy products, it is likely that competitors will take advantage of the opportunity to "robber" orders from you.
  • It is difficult to control all the customer interactions left in a livestream. Therefore, remarketing later is very difficult to do.
  • Difficulty in managing sales…

=> Using Chatbot will help you overcome almost 100% of the above disadvantages, ensuring business efficiency of individuals and businesses.

Livestream sales by Fchat Chatbot - Unlimited orders, increase customer experience

livestream sales

Fchat Chatbot is a technology platform that helps sellers centrally manage all comments and messages from many channels such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, Livestream & Livechat... in a single place. How can Fchat Chatbot help in optimizing Livestream efficiency?

Handle thousands of conversations when Livestream

Automatically aggregate comments in a livestream, filter order comments, thereby creating orders with information from comments and commenters. Process conversations in order of priority, making sure not to miss any guest comments.

Filter conversations quickly

Fchat Chatbot helps you filter conversations by messages, comments, phone numbers, unread conversations, read conversations… quickly and automatically.

Create orders automatically according to the available scenarios

When Livestream, instead of having a team of telesales staff and processing orders that take hours, you can completely replace it with Fchat's new automatic order creation function when customers comment with the correct syntax.

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Automatically respond to customer comments/inboxes after creating orders

Chatbot will automatically message customers who have left information in comments to confirm information and ask for missing information. The system automatically creates orders when customers comment with the correct syntax. Respond to customers according to the sample script to close the application or remind when the syntax is wrong.

Connect and push orders directly to the carrier

The Shipping feature allows users to connect with shipping units to generate bill of lading and update order status automatically via Fchat.

Accurate live performance statistics

Summarize orders with status so that users can easily manage, close or cancel orders, print orders... From there, it helps you to effectively statistics the livestream in the most accurate way.

Effective remarketing

You can set up Chatbot to send information to customers who have watched your livestream. This will easily keep customers on your page.
For example: new promotions, new products, gifts for people who have interacted in the livestream video,...

Conclusion: Livestream sales are currently trending and prioritized by Facebook. Combining Livestream sales with Fchat Chatbot will help businesses and shops sell without depending on advertising, increase trust, create their own points and interact directly with customers.