7 examples of effective customer care scenarios with Chatbot

7 examples of effective customer care scenarios with Chatbot

Customer care is considered as a central strategy in business activities. Because this is the process by which businesses provide services so that customers feel they are respected and valued. Currently, many businesses are choosing Chatbot to provide available information to customers, eliminating human effort from this stage. In this article, we will introduce to you 7 effective customer care scenarios with Chatbot Fchat that are chosen by many online sellers today. Stay tuned for more details.

Scenario of taking care of potential customers

According to Getdrip, with businesses that build customer care scenarios, the number of customers willing to buy increases by 50%. Because potential customers (Leads) are people who are interested and can buy your product in the nearest time.

Therefore, building a scenario of taking care of potential customers with Chatbot will help you provide necessary information to customers, avoiding the situation that customers ask a few questions and then exit.

A suggestion to build a Chatbot script to take care of potential customers you can refer to:

  • Information about products and services
  • Benefits that products and services
  • Prices of products and services
  • The important messages related to the product that you want to send to your customers.
  • Impressive images of your products
  • The offers, accompanied by the introduction create a crowd effect to attract and stimulate them to buy.

Scenario for new customers

This is a group of customers who need to use the service you are providing. This new group of customers may or may not know about the products you offer, so what you need to do now is to introduce them to them in the most complete and attractive way about the product.

A suggestion to build a Chatbot script to attract new customers you can refer to as:

  • Scenario of inquiry from staff
  • Script to ask for customer information
  • Script to introduce products and services
  • Scenario requires contact back
  • Customer care scripts should include links to blog posts or Fanpage instead of employees having to interact with them, reducing pressure on chat staff.

Scenario for the promotion

Fchat Chatbot allows creating promotional scripts with many different forms. With promotions, you can create care scenarios via Chatbot such as:

  • Send promo codes, vouchers to customers
  • Use mini games on Fchat Chatbot
  • Send information about promotions

Promotion scripts are used on special occasions such as holidays of the year or used to build campaigns to stimulate purchases. You need to rely on the level of customer interaction to come up with appropriate solutions. Should create more interactions to be able to reach and impress customers.

Script for consulting sales and closing sales

Customers have a lot of reasons to consider whether to buy your product or not such as: price, quality, origin, shipping... To solve these problems, you need to build yourself a pre-made one. number of corresponding Chatbot scripts to take care of them.

  • Customers are still worried about product quality: In this case, you should offer some other options with the same genre or basic features but with some differences and unique advantages about the product/ service we provide.
  • Or if the product is really quality but customers are still worried, you can sell additional product warranty packages for 3.6 months with the price plus how much % of the product for your peace of mind.

Businesses need to build a lot of content for chatbots so that this tool can handle customer issues flexibly.

After-sales Chatbot Scenario

Taking care of customers, especially old customers, is considered as a secret weapon to help improve the position and reputation of the business in the market. In order for customers to be really satisfied right after buying the product, you should prepare corresponding scenarios to take care and interact with customers.

One of the popular forms is using Fchat Chatbot that can help you take care of customers automatically, flexibly and quickly. These can be promotions, vouchers, purchase policies with warranties,...or simply updating news about new products, consumer trends, and product-related information. that customers are currently interested in,...

Scenario of customer care when there is a complaint

Building a Chatbot script to take care of customers when there is a complaint is very necessary for businesses. Because in the process of doing business, you will inevitably have cases where customers complain about the features and uses of the product, ask for a discount, exchange or return goods, etc. At this point, to be flexible To handle situations, answer and appease customers, you need to build customer care scenarios to solve these problems.

Chatbot script to take care of old customers

This is the target group that has used your service and if you can build the right care Chatbot script templates, this will be a loyal customer group. Because not all products can be used on a large scale, there will be cases where the product takes a long time to buy new, or when finished, these customers have not interacted with you for a long time.

Building a care scenario in addition to attracting them to use the product again is also a way to keep a good interaction with customers, whether they buy or not, they still appreciate the products and services of the outside. Friend.

Conclusion: In the above article, we have shared with you some effective customer care scenarios with Fchat Chatbot. Hopefully, this information will bring businesses many benefits, helping to improve the customer experience effectively. Wish you a successful business.