These terms apply to Fchat Users, Affiliates and Agencies. Please read the entire agreement carefully before participating. Once you have registered to join, we will understand that you have read and agreed to the entire terms set out in this agreement.

The latest updates will be posted here and will not be communicated to individual partners. Please return to this page for new policy updates. To use Fchat's services, you need to comply with the following terms:

1. Information about the unit

a) Name and address of the head office of the trader or organization or the name and permanent address of the individual


Business registration certificate number: 0108156901

Issue date: 06/02/2018. Place of issue: Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment Hà

Address: 6th Floor, No. 247 Cau Giay, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City

b) Phone number, email address or another online contact method

Hotline: 089 898 6008

Support email:


2. Service delivery methods dịch

Fchat has a sales and customer care department that is always ready to receive requests and information from people who need to use the company's services. So as soon as we receive contact, consultation request or online service registration information, we will contact you immediately by phone or email for further advice.

When you decide to use Fchat's services, you can choose one of the following forms of service delivery:

a) Providing door-to-door services

When receiving a customer's request to register for a service, Fchat's sales staff will contact and schedule a time to discuss the services provided. This form applies within the inner city of Hanoi.

Service time: Fchat staff will initiate the service right after the customer pays for the subscription service package.

b) Providing services at the office of Salemall . Joint Stock Company

With this form of supply, customers can go directly to the company's office for Fchat's sales staff to consult and discuss services.

Address: 6th floor, 247 Cau Giay, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City

Hotline: 089 898 6008

Working time: 8am - 10pm daily.


Service time: Fchat staff will initiate the service right after the customer pays for the subscription service package.

c) Online form of supply (Facebook Fanpage, Website, Email, phone...)

When receiving registration requests from customers through online channels such as Facebook Fanpage, Website, Email or phone… Fchat's sales/customer service staff will advise, answer and provide services. service on request.

Service time: After receiving the transfer, Fchat will upgrade your account within 12 hours. The user pays for the service through the following bank account:

Salemall Joint Stock Company Account

Transactional bank: Vietcombank – Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam.


Account number: 0491000134646

Branch: Thang Long

3. Definition

Service: The service provides Fanpage & Zalopage management software running under the domain name

Website: Website when accessing

Content: Images, icons, articles, videos posted on the Website.

Account holder: Initial registrant; or admin account holder; or someone who accesses the store account with an admin account.

Store: The store account set by the Fchat User.

Admin account: The admin account is created first when the account holder registers a shop on the Fchat website.

Fchat user: A person who registers, creates an account, uses Fchat's software and is accepted by Fchat, such as: The account holder or the store's employees are granted access to the account by the account holder. access the store; those who access and find out information on the website

Fchat: Fanpage & Zalopage management software of Salemall . Joint Stock Company

Third Party: Customers, partners, suppliers of Fchat User's or Fchat's store.

Store data: Data in electronic form stored on the store is restricted to access by an account set up by the account holder.

Features: The feature is available and is being provided on Fchat.

4. Scope of service use

To register to use Fchat's services, customers must register an account and provide the information that Fchat requires. When customers have registered to use Fchat's services, we will provide the right to use software products and services. For the most detailed instructions on how to register to use Fchat's service, please visit the website:

Our company may change regulations according to company policies. When there are changes, we will notify customers and post the changed content on the website: The revised version will come into force