When do questions waiting for customers’ answers end?

You can set up objects to collect (ask) information from customers. Some subjects are: 

- User Input: Ask any question.  

- User Phone: Ask for a phone number. 

- User Email: Ask for an email address.  

- Quick Reply: Ask for an option. 

When running through these objects, the Chabot will stop and wait for the customer's reply, then continue the script below. If the customer replies in the wrong format, they will request to re-enter. 

So, how to end the script, so the bot doesn't wait for an answer, and the customer can chat with staff, ...? 

In Fchat, questions waiting for an answer automatically end when: 

- Customers enter the correct requested information. 

- There is no response after 24 hours 

- Customers participate in another conversation. 

- Customers enter incorrect format 3 times (except quick reply with no wrong answers)  

- Customers type "stop": if waiting for a reply, it will end the wait, if not waiting for reply, it will unsub. 

In addition, User Email and User Phone have the option to [Stop the script if entered incorrectly]