What is tag? How to tag customers?

Tag is an object used to classify customers. A customer can be tagged to multiple tags.

Example: You can create tags to mark people who are interested in product A, have purchased product A, ...

The tag is used for two main purposes:

- Activate the automatic message in sequence.

- Create a list of customers & send mass messages.

To create / edit customer tags, go to: Page Settings>> Customer Tags

There are 3 ways to tag customers:

(1) Manual tagging

- Tag customers from Customer 

Customer list  >> Edit >> click on the tag

- Tag customers from LiveChat

Click on the tag in the right column. 

(2) Automatic tagging

You use the "Tagging" object when creating automatic message scripts.

More > Tagging

(3) Mass tagging

On the Customer list, select the list to mass tag, click “Tagging”

Using proper tags will help you take care of customers better, thereby increasing sales