Why are my hidden comments still seen on the fanpage?

According to Facebook’s policies: 

- Hide comments only apply to customers of fanpages. 

- The admin always sees all comments, including hidden ones. 

- Commenters always see their comments, even the hidden ones. 

- The commentator's friends can still see, even the hidden ones. 

With Fchat's hide comment feature: 

- Hidden comments are only valid for comments made after you have turned on the hide comments feature. Previous comments will not be hidden. 

Check if you have set the correct post ID. Is the Keyword turned ON?  

You can check whether the comment is hidden or not by seeing the post with a non-admin facebook account of the fanpage. 

Note with Livestream: 

- When customers comment on a Livestream post, Facebook will automatically distribute it to all viewing customers 

- Hiding comments only work for visitors viewing after comment time. 

If it is still not working, click the link below to chat with fchat: 

>> Chat now: http://m.me/fchat.chatbot