Why is the ref Link not working?

The ref link format: m.me/? 

If the ref link isn’t working, please check by following these steps: 

Note: [page_name] is replaced with user_name of your fanpage 

Example: https://facebook.com/fchat.chatbot ==> [page_name] = fchat.chatbot    

Step 1: Check if Fanpage is active? 

+ Access: https://facebook.com/[page_name]  

Step 2: Check if Fanpage is publishing? 

+ Open an incognito window: (Chrome) press Ctrl + Shift + N 

+ Access: https://facebook.com/[page_name]  

If Facebook announces "Content not available" >> your Fanpage is not publishing. 

To publish, go to fanpage >> Page settings >> Enable publishing (first line) or go to https://facebook.com/[page_name]/settings/?tab=settings 

Step 3: Check if Fanpage is connecting to Fchat? 

+ Access: https://fchat.vn/setting?Type=token  

 If there’s a token error (disconnection), please click on the link below to refresh the connection: 

+ Refresh connection: https://fchat.vn/page/refresh  

Step 4: Check if the block script corresponding to the ref link is correct

Message block corresponding to ref link must ensure: 

- It doesn’t start with webform/lucky spin because these 2 objects are only activated when its link is placed on the text message button in the app browser: 100% window mode. 

- Block does not show errors. If there is an error, place your mouse on the error icon to see the cause and try to fix the problem. 

The common errors and their solutions: 

(# 100) Message cannot be empty, must provide valid attachment or text. 

-> Fix: Find empty objects and delete/add content to them. 

(# 194) Param message [quick_replies] has too few elements. 

-> Fix: Add more options to the quick reply. If there’s no choice, replace Quick reply with Text object. 

(# 194) Param name_placeholder [elements] has too few elements.  

-> Fix: Add a title to the Gallery  

Now, please click on the ref link to run it again.