Currently, most businesses have a Fanpage for communication, branding, sales, etc. Fanpage is the main customer interaction channel of many businesses today. Therefore, Facebook's policy will more or less affect businesses, especially those that are using chatbots or intend to use chatbots.

From March 4, 2020, Facebook Messenger can only send messages to customers if the following conditions are met:

– Only send chatbot messages to customers within 24 hours from the time the customer interacts with the fanpage

– After 24 hours, the chatbot message sent to the customer must be in one of four types of tags


Update transaction (POST_PURCHASE_UPDATE)

Update Account (ACCOUNT_UPDATE)

Consulting personnel (HUMAN_AGENT)

For 3 types of tags: Event Update (Confirmed_Event_Update), Transaction Update (Post_Purchase_Update), Account Update (Account_Update) tag we use in Broadcast and Sequence campaign.

From June 16, 2021, Fchat has used the messenger card of human resources consultant (Human_Agent) to put it into livechat. This is a special type of Messenger Tag that can be used to send messages to interactive customers for 7 days.

This card allows consultants to actually respond to customer requests. Messages can be delivered within 7 days of the customer's message.
Allowed: Staff to assist with issues that cannot be resolved within standard texting hours (e.g. business closed on weekends, issues needing more than 24 hours to resolve)
Not allowed : Automated messages, Content unrelated to user inquiries
Messages beyond 7 days will be blocked from livechat to avoid inappropriate content that may violate Facebook's law of sending messages after 24 hours.

Note: This type of Message Tag should not be abused to intentionally send messages that violate Facebook policies. Because no social network is created just to sell and is flooded with spam content on it. In addition, Facebook has supported the card type for you to keep in touch with customers in necessary cases, so you should use the messange card in a useful way for your business.

Why did Facebook Messenger change its messaging policy?

According to the official announcement from Facebook, the reason why Facebook made this change is to:
Respond to customers promptly, at the right time when customers need it
Businesses need to increase sharing of updates directly related to customers.
Stop spamming via Facebook Messenger.
Currently, there are ways for businesses to send Facebook Messenger messages to customers?
Attach a message with 1 of the 4 tags above or comply with the 24h rule. Note that your content needs to match those tags.
If you want to send promotional and sales messages to customers who have inboxed for more than 24 hours, you need to create sponsored messages.