Why do only a few of my old customers receive my mass messages?

Common causes for this error include:

1. In Fchat campaign, choose the standard 24-hour message 

Fchat has two types of messages: 

- 24-hour standard messages: Only send to customers who inbox page within 24 hours 

- Follow-up messages: Send customers interacting within or exceeding 24 hours with tags allowed by Facebook. 

To send messages to all old customers, you need to choose the Follow-up messages.  

>> Solution: Resend the campaign, choose the Follow-up message type. 

2. Page is blocked from sending messages exceeding 24 hours 

When your page violates Facebook message policies, it can disable the page's message features, making messages unable to reach customers who interacted exceeding 24 hours prior.  

Then, Facebook will send the following message: "This page is restricted from the use of message tags, subscription and broadcast messaging, and sponsored messages. Your page will still be able to respond to messages according to standard messaging permissions." 

>> How to handle: 

(1) Appeal to Facebook if you still follow their policies 

(2) Wait for Facebook to re-open the feature to use message tags