Why did my Fanpage lose connection with Fchat?

When your Fanpage is connected, Facebook will send customers’ messages to Fchat. Then your staff or chatbot can reply to the messages.

If the Fanpage loses connection, Facebook will not send messages to Fchat, which results in customers not getting answered on time.

Causes of connection lost

For security reasons, Facebook will cancel all connections to your Fanpage in the following cases:

- One of the Admins (the administrator of the Fanpage) changes the password.

- One of the Admin gets a checkpoint or locks account.

- When Facebook upgrades their system, ...

How to know if my fanpage has lost connection with Fchat?

When your Fanpage loses connection with Fchat, Fchat will notify you through:

- Shop email (updated in Shop Settings)

- On the Dashboard screen when employees log in fchat

- Zalo and Messenger if you have subscribed to receive notifications.

How to reconnect a fanpage to fchat?

Go to Dashboard, click on the icon Refresh connection.

TIP: Click the button below to quickly connect to Pages


To fix the problem of losing fanpage connection with fchat, you can create multiple connections to 1 Fanpage: 

- Authorize multiple Facebook accounts to be Fanpage admins. 

- Use these accounts to login to Fchat.vn 

Note: Each account must authorize Fchat to connect to fanpage. 

So, you have many tokens, each token is 1 connection. You can check how many connections your Fanpage has created at Page Settings > Token or at here: https://fchat.vn/setting?type=token  

You’re OK if at least 1 token is active and ON.