Common errors when running automated Chatbot scripts

1. Error code # 100  

1.1. (# 100) The URL provided is not whitelisted for messenger extensions 

- Cause: This error is encountered when the script uses the In-App Browser button, but the fanpage domain hasn’t been reported yet. 

- Solution: You need to add the website domain to your fanpage. To add the domain name to fanpage, click on Page Settings > +Domain or visit the link  

If the link in the button is the link of Webform / Lucky Spin in fchat, report the domain name on the fanpage by going to your fanpage on Facebook> Settings > Advanced message > Domain. 

1.2. (# 100) Message cannot be empty, must provide valid attachment or text 

- Cause: There is 1 empty object in the Message Block (text, photos, videos, ...) 

- How to handle: Find the empty object and delete/add content to it 

1.3. (# 100) An incorrect number of files uploaded. Must upload exactly one file

- Cause: Image error (image has not been uploaded, image is unqualified: image size is > 2M, the image file name contains special characters) 

- How to handle: Check your image 

Haven't added images successfully -> re-add image. 

Image size> 2M -> compress the image size before uploading. 

Image file name contains special characters -> rename files before uploading photos.


2. Error code # 194 

2.1. (# 194) param message [quick_replies] has too few elements 

- Solution: Add more options to the quick reply. 

2.2. (# 194) param name_placeholder [elements] has too few elements  

- Solution: Add a title to products in the Gallery


3. Error code # 105 

(# 105) param name_placeholder [ elements] has too many elements 

- Cause: There’s a Gallery object in the script with too many products. 

- Solution: Delete products in Gallery (Gallery is allowed up to 10 products) 

 4. Error code (# 551) This user is currently unavailable 

- Cause: This error is encountered when your customer blocks the page's message, or their account is locked/is being checkpointed.  

- Solution: Navigate customers to unblock the page 

5. Error code (# 10903) This user can't reply to this activity 

- Cause: This error is encountered when the customer has blocked your page on Facebook, or you cannot send messages via comment stream or inbox because the customer’s comment has been over 7 days (Facebook doesn’t allow re-messaging) 

- Solution: Navigate customers to unblock pages / Text messages within 7 days since customers comment on your post.

6. Error code (# 10900) Activity already replied to  

- Cause: You are only allowed to message 1 time for customers who comment but have not inboxed the page before via chatbot. 

- Solution: Navigate customers to interact directly (inbox) with the page, then page can reply to the message. 

7. Error code (# 2022) You are temporarily blocked from doing this  

- Cause: Your page has been blocked by Facebook from sending messages because it is in violation of Facebook's policies and community standards. 

- Solution: Check blocked time and appeal to Facebook 

Check time blocked at Settings > Page support inbox. 

Facebook’s levels for blocking mass messaging: Warning > 1-day lock > 3-day lock > 7-day lock > permanent lock. 

For the content of the appeal, you can refer to the samples below: 


Hi Facebook Team, 

  1. I will use a bot to interact automatically with my customers and promise to follow all of the Platform's Policies in order to ensure a good experience for my clients. I think my non-promotional message can help my customers easily search and access the necessary information from my business. 
  2. I will send interactive messages to my customers during lunch breaks, and in their spare time. Because of that, I think it will not bother them at all. 
  3. Customers' interactions on my page are increasing, so I want to interact with all of them, giving them good experiences. After 24 hours from the last interaction between the page and customers, I will send only one message to the customer after 24 hours since our last interaction. 

I promise that from now on, I will not send advertising, promotions, discounts to customers, and will comply with the Platform's Policies from Facebook. 

Thank you! 

Good luck!