Why can't I see Fanpage when connecting Facebook Page with Fchat? 

There are two reasons that you can’t see the fanpage on the new fanpage connection screen: 

1. Your Facebook account doesn’t have admin/editor rights on fanpage 

2. You have not selected (authorize) your fanpage when logging in 

Facebook doesn’t allow admins of Business Manager to connect fanpage with chatbot. If you’re given admin rights of a fanpage in Business Manager, you must go to fanpage and give admin rights to another account. Then use this latter account to connect fanpage with Fchat.  

Note: The new account isn’t a member of the Business Manager. 

If your page isn’t in Business Manager, to connect your fanpage with Fchat, follow the steps below: 

+ Step 1: Log out of Fchat    

+ Step 2: On the homepage of Fchat.co >> click "USE FREE" 

+ Step 3: On the Facebook log in window, select EDIT SETTING 

+ Step 4: Tick on the pages you want and click Continue

Note: We will need your ADMIN rights on Fanpages. 

Then, you can go to the Dashboard to connect your fanpage with Fchat.