Keyword: Why are Auto Reply Comment and Auto Inbox not working?

You have set up an auto-reply to comments and auto inbox customers who comment but the bot is not working? 

>> How to handle: 

Step 1. Check KEYWORD 

1. Is the setting turned ON (Green)? 

You need to turn on the ON keyword.

2. Is the content of the message available, or is it blank? 

When there is empty content, the customer will not receive the message. You need to click Edit to update the content.

3. Look to the right to see if there is an error. Click to see error details and solutions. 

If there is a red error message on the right side of the screen, putting the mouse pointer on it to see what the system has reported and get the next solution for each error encountered.

4. Check the POST ID, is it correct? 

If the POST ID is wrong, then the script won't run. Check and re-enter the correct ID. 

Step 2. Check if Fanpage is still connected to Fchat? 

+ Click Page settings > Token. 

+ If there is at least 1 token, it’s OK 

+ If your token has errors, click here to reconnect:  

Step 3. Check if you comment on your posts with the personal Profile or Fanpage 

+ Note: fanpages cannot message fanpages. When you go to the fanpage with admin rights to comment, by default you will be using the page account. 

+ You need to comment using a personal account to receive the message. 

Step 4. Report to Fchat support team 

You can chat directly with Fchat's support team: