Chatbot - Smart customer care tool for online shop owners

Chatbot - Smart customer care tool for online shop owners

Customer care is now one of the indispensable services in business, especially more important with online business. But with Fanpages with a large number of followers, replying to inbox, commenting late or not responding is a frequent and unavoidable thing. This may inadvertently lose the opportunity to connect, exploit sales and further, lose a part of the business's revenue.

The birth of chatbot has become the optimal choice to help solve all the above problems automatically. If you do not know what chatbots are, how they are used in customer care activities, please see the article below!

What is Chatbot?

Chatbot is a program that combines artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with humans. Chatbots often communicate with users via text or audio messages.

This tool can replace the consultant answering all customer inquiries according to the available scenario. They are applied quite a lot in the business field today, especially many businesses love to use them.

Why say Chatbot is a smart customer care tool for online shop owners?

Currently, Chatbot is widely used in all business fields, especially in the form of online trading. Since its appearance, Chatbot has proven that this is a smart customer care tool for online shop owners with its utilities such as:

Efficient, fast and accurate customer care

One of the golden rules that online businesses need to master in customer care is not to let customers wait too long, especially when customers have actively come to you. Because if you don't respond quickly, the customer will leave the conversation and go to the competitor's product.

Chatbot now plays an extremely important role in responding to customers quickly, increasing customer interaction without the need for care staff. Your job now is to just set up the sets of keywords that customers often ask, and prepare a script for Chatbot to promptly respond to customers.

Personalize customer experience

Chatbot has the ability to remember all personal information of customers from previous transactions such as: name, age, occupation, interests, .... As soon as the customer makes a request, the Chatbot will automatically classify and advise products in accordance with the needs, interests ... that customers are interested in.

24/7 customer care

Humans cannot work continuously for 24 hours receiving and processing customer requests. But with Chatbot it is different, this tool does not need to be limited in time, operates 24/24 throughout 365 days including holidays and holidays - is the perfect replacement for online shop owners right now.

Cost savings

Chatbot is currently an effective customer care tool that can replace humans to take on all tasks from introducing products, quotes, giving advice to closing orders, asking for Feedback, etc. That helps you save a large amount of money to pay for sales staff, customer care.

Increase brand awareness

In the process of customer care, Chatbot will record information such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc. to automatically send promotions and promotions at the right time to customers. Thereby promoting more purchase demand and effectively increasing revenue while creating a deep impression of the brand in the minds of customers.

Fchat Chatbot - The leading reputable customer care solution today

If you are a veteran online business on social networks, especially Facebook, then surely you will be no stranger to the name Fchat Chatbot. This is a highly safe and secure chatbot tool that brings many benefits to users. Fchat Chatbot is rated superior to other customer care Chatbot software by:

- Personalize the sales experience, bring accurate information to each customer file.

- Automatically answer all questions from customers anytime, anywhere according to pre-installed scenarios.

- Respond to customers quickly, increase the interaction of customers and online shop owners.

- Automatically take care of regular customers 24/7

- Reduce investment costs...

- Support all online business lines: fashion, catering, beauty, education...

Using Fchat Chatbot, you can both take care of all your old customers and reduce the workload for customer service staff so that you can prioritize other tasks.

Conclusion: Using a customer care chatbot has many outstanding advantages. Chatbot not only saves you time and money, but also satisfies customers and attracts more customers. Using chatbot at work, Chatbot is a smart choice for online shop owners.