9 ways to increase order closing rate thanks to Chatbot

9 ways to increase order closing rate thanks to Chatbot

Chatbot is a basic application form of artificial intelligence that works according to pre-set scenarios, can automatically answer questions or handle allowed situations. Chatbots cannot completely replace humans, but will be an effective way to lead customers. An intelligent Chatbot can answer 80% of customer inquiries and requests, thereby classifying and forwarding it to real employees to optimize sales consulting.
So how to increase the rate of closing orders from ads through Chatbot? The answer will be shared by us right in the article below!

Why should you use chatbots to get conversions and increase closing rates?

Chatbot is currently considered one of the hottest technology applications today. Chatbot is helping businesses automate two main activities: sales support (chat, communication and sales to potential customers), and a new effective marketing channel (messenger marketing). The demand for chatbots is increasing, so many businesses have quickly used Chatbot to improve their business efficiency.
Usually in the process of learning and experiencing products, customers will encounter some difficulties such as:

  • Not navigating to the correct Facebook business
  • There are no clear answers to simple questions
  • Can't find basic information about products or businesses...

Chatbot is like a professional salesman, will serve customers according to what you have instructed. If you only run regular Facebook Ads, sometimes the effect is not as desired because running ads simply makes businesses forget to take care of old customers. Moreover, Facebook is increasingly tightening policies, restricting users' access to Fanpage, which makes your advertising campaign limited in finding potential customers. Combining running ads with Chatbot will help you connect with thousands of buyers and sellers with great interactive experiences.

How to increase order closing rate thanks to Chatbot

Combining Chatbot with Facebook Ads to help increase the efficiency of closing orders is not a new model. Currently, there are many businesses and online business people applying and achieving unexpected success. However, not everyone knows how to do it and understands the benefits that Chatbot can bring when combined with Facebook Ads. For this combination to work, you need:

Use Discount Codes to motivate customers to make early purchasing decisions

According to statistics from Statistics, up to 97% of consumers look for deals when they shop, 32% of online shoppers prefer to receive a discount code on their smartphone, and more than 30% of shoppers use a discount code. their rates for 24h. Using coupons is a great way to encourage customers to come back to buy from you and every time they need something to buy something. Combining Chatbot with discount codes helps you gain customer loyalty, build your brand and find new customers.

Navigate customers from comments to inbox

In the advertising Posts, there will be many customers commenting, inboxing to leave information that needs to be consulted or close the order and want to receive a response within 24 hours. In this case, if you do not respond to them in time, you will lose potential customers, creating opportunities for competitors.
Combining advertising with Chatbot will help you create sample scripts for advertising posts or normal posts to respond to customers in the most timely manner. No matter what the content of the comment is, the ultimate purpose is to direct customers to the inbox so that you can communicate and convince them more easily.

Welcome and bring great experiences to customers

75% of consumers prefer brands that use personalized messaging, giving them a good experience. Chatbot is currently an extremely effective tool to bring a great experience to customers.
Using a chatbot to interact with them at the touchpoints before, during, and after the purchase makes them feel they are valuable to your business and that you are giving them a warm welcome. From the first greetings, you can skillfully guide them to view products and purchase, send a special message to customers,... completely automatically and accurately with the help of Chatbot.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

By collecting customer information in advance, Chatbot can completely suggest products that customers may want to buy more without forcing them to search.
Specific: Accessories, products accompanying or supplementing upsell, cross-sell campaigns must always be available in your store. By showing it to customers similar but more expensive options, it will be easier to convince customers to upgrade to better products or services.
The secret to effective upselling and cross-selling with chatbots lies entirely in understanding your customers based on the available data: back-and-forth messages, purchase history, total amount purchased, etc. ..

Remind customers of their unpaid cart

A small study showed that if there is 1 message sent by Messenger reminding customers to abandon their shopping cart, they are 13%-20% more likely to complete the order and generate 4 times more revenue. compared to email.
Using Chatbot Messenger to remind abandoned carts has the following advantages:

  • Open rates are higher than emails.
  • The click-through rate is much higher and the clickers won't leave Messenger.
  • Give customers a personalized way to communicate with your brand. Plus, you'll learn why they abandoned their cart and fix it.
  • Customers definitely see your message notifications (no Spam or Promotion folders like emails). Outgoing chatbot messages will go directly to Messenger and be easily seen by customers.

=> This is exactly why you should not ignore Chatbot.

Turn Chatbot into a professional customer service staff

83% of online shoppers really need help completing an order quickly. Because not every customer knows where to go to find the information they need and how to buy products. Why not turn your Chatbot into a guide to help customers easily learn about your products?
Chatbot helps you answer all customer questions according to pre-set keywords. This is your chance to start a conversation with them and drive them to buy your product.

Selling directly via Chatbot

When consulting sales on Messenger, sellers often send product/collection links for customers to click and view information. These links will direct visitors away from Messenger and to the website or album on Facebook. And often customers will enter and exit always because these links may be corrupted or take too long to load.
With the help of Chatbot, customers can buy products while chatting on Messenger. Viewing products => Purchases => Order tracking => Post-purchase reviews are automated with thousands of customers.

Analyze submissions for each client file

Instead of sending bulk messages with the same content to all customers, why not try to break it down into customer files to improve efficiency.
Such separation of each customer file will help you analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of each Ad campaign, thereby figuring out the best way to attract customers and improve conversion rates.

Use the right chatbot platform

In this fertile market, the choice of bot platform is the most essential of the ways to optimize Chatbot. Fchat Chatbot is currently a tool to help you bring potential customers in contact channels into the flow of care and direct interaction 24/7 right on Facebook Messenger completely automatically. Whenever a customer inboxes your page, the chatbot responds immediately, without keeping customers waiting for a long time, helping you connect with customers better.

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